Super Head+R Bore & Stroke Up Kit 124cc

 MODEL : 01-06-0001
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HONDA XR50 Motard (AD14-1000001-)
HONDA APE50 [Ape] (AC16-1000001-1599999)

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Bore Diameter: 57mm
Stroke Volume: 48.5mm
Engine Displacement: 124cc
Compression Ratio:12.5: 1
Included Camshaft: SR-25

■Super head+R
By Large caliber Valve and Smooth of the intake and exhaust ports, Super head that enables high output (Stage3) Inherit, by adopting the Roller rocker arm and the new structure Oil line with a reputation, is a High performanceCylinder head with and a high output and durability further.
Port diameter
Intake : 29mm / Exhaust : D-type port
Valve diameter
Intake : 28. 5mm / Exhaust : 23. 5mm
Valve stem shaft : Intake, Exhaust both 4. 5mm
Valve Spring : Adopted DoubleSpring of InnerSpring and OuterSpring

Roller rocker arm adoption
In SP Takekawa made MONKEY-based Super for Engine head + R the reputation of Roller rocker arm adopted in vertical Engine, while the drawer the output performance of the Super head to the top Large limit, the features of the output Up and Roller rocker arm of the medium and high speed range But was it possible there is an output maintained at high rpm.
Roller rocker arm is Slippers formula Locker Arm (OEM Parts NumberType) Reduce the frictional resistance between the Camshaft that occurs, by Locker Arm built-in Roller bearing, it will follow the CamProfile to Smooth to a high rotation from low rotation.
Weight increased by adopting a Roller bearing is that the Locker ArmBody to made of Aluminum forging, has overcome the weight increase.

SteelValve spring retainer
M8Spark plug adoption
Since the meat pressure between the Plug Hall and the port is contracted Small by Large diameter of the port diameter due to Large caliber Valve adoption, adopted M8Spark plug, we ensure sufficient meat pressure. Thus, it is possible to prevent deterioration and damage of the output performance due to thermal deformation of the Cylinder head, enables stable output.

OilJet with hollow Camshaft
The Oil line provided on the CamshaftCenter, induces the Camshaft Sprocket F Oil. As a result, Oil is sprayed Oil from Camshaft Chain inside the centrifugal force from Camshaft SprocketCenter, it enhances the durability and lubricating effect of Camshaft Chain. In addition, because it has provided the OilJet passage to CamshaftCam surface, it can be sprayed Oil from Cam surface, do the cooling and lubrication effectively.
CamshaftBody adopts both ends Ball bearing support, Oil journal (OEM Parts NumberType) And it reduces the frictional resistance that occurs.
In addition, the weight of the CamshaftBody in the adoption of the Oil passage was reduced to Large width.
Camshaft is SR-25 / SR-30 / There are three different kinds of Profile of the SR-35, you can exchange in accordance with the intended use.

Oil line with Camshaft holder
Camshaft holder to be to established the Oil line structure, coupled with Oil line in the Cylinder head, was made possible lubrication of Oil over the details. In addition, we have secured a passage to induce Oil to OilJet with hollow Camshaft, and Support the lubrication of Camshaft and Camshaft Chain F.

■Cylinder / Piston
Ceramic plating cylinder
Durability, airtightness, is an excellent All aluminum made Ceramic plating cylinder to heat dissipation.
Standard Equipment for Oil outlet in Cylinder. In addition, because it can be mounted Stick Temperature Sensor, you can measure the temperature of the Cylinder.
Stick Temperature Sensor adoption Meter

Adopted Aluminum cast Piston, for the Piston skirt part to improve the initial familiar, it MolybdenumCoat is decorated.

■Long stroke crankshaft
Aims to WeightBalance of optimal Crankshaft for Stroke volume, high-performance Crankshaft designed. Crankshaft fabricated with high precision, to achieve low vibration by adopting a Rolling Bearings, have significantly enhanced motion performance of Crankshaft. In addition, the Shaft of Flywheel part subjected to a special surface treatment, we have to improve the fatigue strength and resistance to galling resistance.

*It is not installable to the APE50 (FI) (AC16-1600001-/AC18-1000001-).
*To insert the 124cc, it requires boring of the crankcase.
* If there may be an instruction manual included, it will be written in Japanese.

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