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  • NEW
    • KAWASAKI KSR110 (KL110A-000001-/KL110A-A04501-)
    • KLX110 (Models) (JKAKL110CCDA00058-)
    • KLX110 L (Models) (KL110CEA00001-)
    posted Mar 4, 2017must have !!
    By Dmaniac (2)FromSingapore
    must have this parts if you want to use takegawa clutch set and clutch cover, more zise oil pump make oil pump better... its worthed..Read More
  • NEW
    • KAWASAKI Z125 PRO KSR110(KL110A-000001-) KSR110(KL110CBF)(JKAKL110CCDA00058-) KSR110(KL110DDF)(KL110D-A57002-) KSR PRO(KL110EEF)(JKAKL110EEDA88121-)
    By NO NAME (2)FromSingapore
    this is a new models of takegawa disc rotors,the products is best built quality, improve brake stop.. because stainless steel... price is worth for what you getRead More
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