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  • NEW
    • HONDA CUB [Cub] Engine
    • MONKEY [Monkey] Engine
    • CRF100F
    • CRF70F
    • XR100R
    • ...and more.
    posted May 22, 2017Perfect
    By NO NAME (1)FromUnited Kingdom
    Perfect fit & catches all tiny metal particles that live inside it engine. Buy it and it will save your engine from premature wear & even catastrophic engine failureRead More
  • NEW
    • HONDA GROM [Grom] (MSX125)
    posted Apr 7, 2017Imap installation
    By CK Koh (4)FromSingapore
    Imap installation with the additional wire harness is plug and play, very easy. Just install the imap is also not too difficult as instructions with clear drawing provided and a bag of wires, connecto...Read More
  • NEW
    • HONDA Grom All models of JC 61
    By CK Koh (4)FromSingapore
    Very straight forward installation with the harness, all connectors provided. The length of the harness was just right and all plug and play. Great product and quality!!!Read More
  • NEW
    • YAMAHA BWS125 (16) The Majesty S (13-) The BWS50 (1VC1)
    • HONDA PCX125/150、GROM/MSX125 (-16)、ZOOMER-X
    • KAWASAKI Z125/PRO (16)
    ต้องตัวนี้เลย ติดตั้งง่าย และ สะดวกในการคล้องกับหมวก และ ออกแบบมาเหมาะเจาะ
    ยึดแน่น และที่สำคัญ ทนทานครับ หมวกเราก็ไม่หายไปไหน ยากต่อการขโมย ของดีต้องตัวที่ แถมราคาเหมาะสม ครับ
    ภูเก็ตRead More
  • NEW
    • HONDA GROM(16-)
    By Daryl (1)FromSingapore
    Bought the flat black option. The build, fit, and finish is excellent. It is also very lightweight. The megaphone really comes alive above 6500 RPM but is not obnoxiously loud. It's got a very nice mi...Read More
  • NEW
    • HONDA GROM [Grom] (MSX125) JC61 all models
    posted Mar 15, 2017Kitaco stage 2 cam
    By LUKAS (5)FromAustralia
    I installed this cam on my GROM and boy has it made a good difference. It has created a bit of low to mid end lag, but the motor races off at 7000 rpm. Going from the oem 34 tooth sprocket up to the 3...Read More
  • NEW
    • HONDA GROM [Grom] (MSX125) 13-15/16-
    By NO NAME (1)FromSouth Korea
    Hello. I purchased Yoshimura R77S Blue Titan on Feb. 24. The delivered package is missing the muffler and the catalystic converter. Please check and let me know. Read More
  • NEW
    • HONDA ZOOMER-X [X zoomer]
    • GROM [Grom] (MSX125)
    posted Mar 8, 2017H2c handle bar weights
    By NO NAME (1)FromUnited States
    Good day, the item are excellent!, the shipping time are awesome. I recomend this seller. But we need more accesories for the zoomer x bike. Read More
  • NEW
    • HONDA GROM 16-
    K factory do it again! Machining is top notch, everything fits snug with next to no slop. Installation is easy and only takes a couple of minutes with the provided hardware. No instructions are needed...Read More
  • NEW
    • HONDA Lead 80SS HF04 All models Number of uses X1
    • Lead 125 JF45 All models
    • Joker 90 All models
    • Super Dio / -SR / -ZX / -XR Baja all models
    • Super Cub 110 / Pro JA 07 All models
    • ...and more.
    posted Feb 26, 2017Cheap n good
    Haven't got a chance to use it yet, cuz I am still deciding on what exhaust to get for my
    Grom, but given the price point and reliability of the Kitaco brand, I'm
    Sure it will meet my needsRead More
  • NEW
    • HONDA Grom (16) JC61 all models
    posted Feb 26, 2017Assurance in quality
    Being made from Duralium, it looks and feels better and more resistant to catastrophic failure. It's
    Nice that this comes in a set of spring plate and springs, instead of having to buy the playe and ...Read More
  • NEW
    • HONDA APE50
    • APE100
    • XR50 MOTARD
    • XR100MOTARD
    • CRF100F
    • ...and more.
    posted Feb 26, 2017Small but essential upgrade
    High quality product from Zeta, and the magnet is better secured compared to other brands, which are just pressed fit or glued down, so often comes apart due to the large range of temperatures from th...Read More
  • NEW
    • HONDA GROM (JC61-1000001-)/MSX125 (MLHJC618_D5000001-)
    posted Feb 26, 2017Best upgrade for Grom
    The Takegawa Clutch Cover is one of the best upgrades you can do for your msx125/grom, as it makes routine maintenance a breeze and prolongs engine life through proper oil filtering. In terms of quali...Read More
  • NEW
    • HONDA GROM [Grom] (MSX125) (MLHJC618_D5000001-)
    • GROM [Grom] (JC61-1000001-)
    posted Feb 25, 2017High quality upgrade
    Build quality is top-notch, as expected from Takegawa, and complements my Takegawa clutch cover well. Instructions, while in Japanese, come with pictures so it wasn't hard to figure out how to install...Read More
  • Fits:
    • APRILIA HABANA50 00-02 Displacement : 50cc Front
    • Vespa GTS-250 IE 06-   Displacement : 250cc Front
    • YAMAHA Vespa GT200L 04-06 Displacement : 200 cc front
    • KAWASAKI Vespa GT125L 04-06 Displacement : 125 cc front
    • HONDA Signas X 150 06-07 For rear use
    • ...and more.
    By Kocainum (1)FromUnited States
    This company made the stock tires for the honda grom models from 2013-2016. The rubber compound in these tires are so hard it is closer to ABS plastic.
    %99 of all grom wrecks happen because of this...Read More
  • Fits:
    • HONDA GROM [Grom] (MSX125)
    posted Feb 9, 2017Top Quality
    By Daniel L (1)FromAustralia
    Perfect fit and design like you would expect from G Craft products . All up it took about 5 mins to install and Makes shifting amazingly smooth with heaps better gear selecting feel .Read More
  • Fits:
    • HONDA GROM [MSX125]
    • NSR80
    • CUB90
    • NSR50
    • MONKEY
    • ...and more.
    This's perfect.
    I would highly recommend this item to my friends...
    This product is of the highest quality and fits and works great!!! Read More
  • Fits:
    • HONDA GROM [Grom] (MSX125) (JC61-1000001-)
    • NC700X
    • 400X (NC47)
    • CB400F
    • CBR400R
    • ...and more.
    By Ubbe (1)FromSweden
    This is truly a 5 star product.
    Fits perfect.
    Shipping was very fast to Sweden,only 7 days.
    I would recommend this product to all Grom riders!!!Read More
  • Fits:
    • HONDA CB400SF /REVO 08-13
    • NC700X 12-14
    • NC700S 98-13
    • CB1300SF 13
    • GROM [Grom] (MSX125) 11-13
    • ...and more.
    OEM thought that it seemed to be immediate soon. I understood that it was compatible with the 14-year ceremony from another one's review so purchase without hesitation. Titanium is a bit too plain...Read More
  • Fits:
    • KAWASAKI D Tracker 125 klx125 Eliminator 125 250TR Barrios Barrios 2D Tracker X z250 Estrella Estrella RS 250 LX Estrella custom Eliminator Eliminator 250 SE Eliminator 250 V Super Sherpa er-4n w400 Zephyr Zephyr 400 x zrx400 zrx400-2 Vulcan 400 Vulcan 400-2 Vulcan 400 classic versus Vulcan S w650 Zephyr 750 Zephyr 750 RS w800 z800 Z1000 Zephyr 1100 Zephyr 1100 RS zrx1100 zrx1200daeg ksr110 klx250 Vulcan 900 classic
    • SUZUKI Jebel 200 bang 200 Bergman 200 Bandit 250 gsr250 gsx250fx st250 st250 e type-LC250 Glasto lacquered grass Tracker big boy Jebel 250 xc Gemma SkyWave 250 SkyWave 250 LTD version SkyWave SS SkyWave 250 type M SkyWave 250 type S SkyWave 250 type S basic bolted DR-Z400SM GSR400 GSX400 Impulse progress 400-400 intruder classic Gradius 400 ABS SkyWave 400 skyweibtype S Brevard 400 GSR600 Gladius gsr750 Bandit 1200 GSF 1200 bandit 1250 ABS v-strom1000 v-strom650 gsx-s1000 gsx-s1000f GSX1400 Boulevard C109R Boulevard M109R address v50 Suzuki Let's Let's G Let's Let's 2 4 Let's 5 address v100 address 110 address v125 address v125g address v125s address v125ss gn125 vector vector 125 150
    • YAMAHA tw200 tw200e Bronco tw225 tw225e Theroux Theroux 225 225 W Theroux 225 WE Lanza rz250 srv250 wr250f wr250r wr250x xt250x xv250 Virago ybr250 Grand Majesty 250 Theroux 250 touring through DragStar 250 tricker mt-25 Mt-03 maxam Majesty Majesty C r'nessa SR400 SRX400 XJR400 XJR400R XV400 Virago Grand Majesty 400 DragStar 400 DragStar 400 classic SR500 XJ6 XJ6N FZ8 tdm900 xvs950A FZ-1 drag star 1100 DragStar 1100 classic v-Max XJR1200 XJR1300 xvs1300ca xv1900a midnight star xv1900cu bolt mt-09 mt-07 xt1200ze Super tenere mt-09 tracer bws gear jog jog zr jogaprio Jo Deluxe Jog Poche vox vox Deluxe Beano Beano dx binomolfe cuxi100 gland axis axis tried ybr125 yb125sp Cygnus x Cygnus x sr Majesty 125 Majesty S
    • HONDA Integra cb650f cb400f400xsh mode
    • ftr223 cb223s crf250l crf250m crf250x crm250ar gb250 Hornet 250 jade ps250 vtr250 v-twin magna xr250 xr250 motard phase phase type S foresight foresight ex Forza Forza x Forza z Forza si fusion fusion type X fusion SE Fwy rebel 400x Bros 400 cb400f cb400sf cb400ss cb400four CL400 vrx400 roadster shadow 400 shadow 400 custom shadow 400 classic shadow slasher Silverwing GT Steed 400 Suzuki 400 vls Steed 400 vlx ctx700 Hornet 600 Silverwing GT600 ctx700n nc700s nc700x nc700x type LD Integra cb750 vt750s shadow 750 750 shadow phantom vfr800x CB900 Hornet cb1000sf cb1000r cb1100 cb1100 type 1 cb 1100 type 2 vfr 1200 x cb3300sf vt3300cs vt3300cr vt3300cx x4 x 11 Joker Joker 50 90 ct330 Magna 50 pcx DIO 110 pcx150 ape bite c100 dio Jazz Magna 50 dunk tact Claire Skype Gorilla gyro x gyro up shary Giulio Giorno Joker 50 JOL cab giornocrea Giorno sport supadio Super Cub 50 cub dx zoomer smart do smart DIO z4 today today F Benali monkey live DIO live DIO zx little cub Joker 90 ape100 spacy 100 lead 100 xr100 DIO 110 cross cub cub 110 zoomer x scooped 110 Benali 110 lead ex msx125 pcx Grom lead 125 vfr1200x nc750x nc750s f6c
    posted Jan 20, 2017Parenthesis is good!
    OEMMirror of Z1000 is mirror surface (Frame immovable) Exchange only because it can not move. Since the 180 degree mirror surface rotates without using a tool as in the description of item, it is conv...Read More
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