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Motorcycle Parts / Accessories
NEWNew Reviews
  • posted Jun 18, 2018good.
    By NO NAME (5)FromSouth Korea
    It is a product that is always needed off road. In addition, motorcycles seem to be tougher.
    Because it is a consumable, it is also necessary and satisfied to order.Read More
    posted Jun 18, 2018Kawasaki Factory Eff...
    Very good and high quality product from Factory Effex. Bar pad fits my motocross bike perfectly. Product green color and Kawasaki text looks nice. I recommend this product! Read More
  • posted Jun 18, 2018Good break
    By Zeva (22)FromHong Kong
    Buy it because of this is famous brake brand. It is for my MSX motorbike. since I am using the original honda one. That is great also but I want more safety so I change it. from the beginning I thi...Read More
    posted Jun 18, 2018good
    By Zeva (22)FromHong Kong
    Buy it for the electric connection. It is successful to attach the electric wire. And contact firmly. It is very good. I am success in it.Read More
  • posted Jun 18, 2018good screw
    By Zeva (22)FromHong Kong
    I need this screw for my motorbike installing of the accessary. It is size suitable and good condition. I like it very much.Read More
    posted Jun 18, 2018vERY GREAT POWER SUP...
    By Zeva (22)FromHong Kong
    It contain two method for power supply, USB and 12v Box, with very good design and all have waterproof protect. Also, the description said it have save power IC, so it can use the suitable electric t...Read More
  • posted Jun 18, 2018Good reflector
    By Zeva (22)FromHong Kong
    Since I have change the whole board frame of my car, but there is no reflector included. So I need to install it because of government law.
    I find it in the webike, when i receive it, i find it is ...Read More
    By NO NAME (1)FromThailand
    KUMAMON น่ารัก มากๆ สวยๆมาก กองทัก KUMAMON ยกความน่ารักมาแล้ว เหมาะกับซื้อมาฝากและเป็ยของขวัญมาก
    โลโก้ เหมาะกับเอามาติดท้ายรถเป็นอย่างมาก ยิ่งใครได้เห็นตัวจริง ยิ่งมีความน่ารักมากๆ ใครเห็น ก็ชอบ แถมส...Read More
  • posted Jun 16, 2018一般般的東西
    The shape of this pedal is very handsome, but the manufacturer did not provide the ins...Read More
    posted Jun 16, 2018Good but...
    By MARS (5)FromUnited States
    Well machined, great BUT the black anodizing faded to a Bronze color within three months! Terrible if the sun can do this to what supposedly, in view of the price is a premium part. I had to paint the...Read More
  • posted Jun 15, 2018Faito air filter
    By Ivan C (5)FromUnited States
    The Faito racing air filter works great and looks great! It flows well on my larger cc engine and washes easy when it gets dirty. It doesn't vibrate on the boot as much as some other brands.Read More
    posted Jun 15, 2018Madmax foot pedal co...
    By Ivan C (5)FromUnited States
    The Madmax foot pedal cover is an awesome addition to a cool bike! I get more comments about it than I expected. It is a littl bit heavy, but it fits great and gives more area on the brake pedal for y...Read More
Motorcycle Gear / Helmets
NEWNew Reviews
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