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Motorcycle Gear

PK-922 Slim Fit Protect Winter Underwear KOMINE
posted Dec 9, 2017

This is good

By Japan User(translated) (154467)FromJapan

170cm / Select L Size at 56 kg. It is Clear by adjustment although the hem is a bit long and the waist circumference is too much.?quality - TextureSewing is beautiful and the making itself is solid as well. Zipper opening and closing is also Smooth.The weight belongs to the common Level as Winter Pants which also includes Protector.Elasticity such ...

AK-327 Winter Warm Multi Balaclava KOMINE
posted Dec 9, 2017


By Japan User(translated) (154467)FromJapan

I use it as Inner of Full face, but I do not feel cramped feeling in particular. Although there may be individual differences ....I feel satisfied with Large feeling no cold while driving. (Confirmed by air temperature 4 ℃ commuting about 30 minutes)When taking off Helmet and using it as a Neck warmer, the open part of the face part is a little Sma...

RSY251 Crossover Mesh Riding Pants RS Taichi
posted Dec 8, 2017

I bought it for Yamaha Y's GearYAS 3...

By Japan User(translated) (154467)FromJapan

Since it becomes a set, I bought it. I am satisfied with enough comfort.In any case, even if there was Yamaha's Naming, - - -

HBV-002 Wind Block Inner Shirt Full Zip HenlyBegins
posted Dec 8, 2017


By Japan User(translated) (154467)FromJapan

Design is fine, but it is a stretchable material so there is a feeling of Fit. However, the core's low-temperature performance is low. Since the back side is LePera, I felt it was unbearable because my back was cold since I started running early in the winter. Why did not you make your back like the chest side? I was disappointed just because t...

RSB271 WP Backpack RS Taichi
posted Dec 8, 2017

Mostly satisfied

By Japan User(translated) (154467)FromJapan

■ Good pointIt's saved because the front Pocket gloves also comes in Size.Souvenir can also afford to accommodate.■ IncompatibilitiesThe front Pocket is not Waterproof.Because there is no Pocket in the Main air chamber, I can not compile Small items.GT-Air XL did not enter Limit.Every Backpack may be the same, but if you keep suffering Helmet y...

Riding Day Bag 16 [GSM17615] GOLDWIN
posted Dec 8, 2017

Suitable for overnight touring etc..

By Japan User(translated) (154467)FromJapan

This time, I used it for Touring overnight. It is used after attaching it to RearSeat using BeltGSM 7303 B for Seat installation. To install on RearSeat it looks like this Back is better. Certainly 17614 is better if you consider storage capacity. I got lost when I purchased too. Considering the shoulder is Small Shark's 17615. Given the storag...

Protection Leggings ROUGH&ROAD
posted Dec 7, 2017

For cold weather and safety measures

By Japan User(translated) (154467)FromJapan

It is convenient because it is a Type that can be easily detached with Magic tape.It is also familiar to clothing because it does not look like Protector anything.Protective part is Urethane pad and removable Plastic pad.I tried running with it but it has a windproof effect and my legs do not get cold.It is a good item for a little touring in the c...

RSY550 Wind Proof Stretch Denim RS Taichi
posted Dec 7, 2017

It's Impre of Lady's

By Japan User(translated) (154467)FromJapan

I bought it for birthday Present.He himself says, "I am not used to Low rise so I am concerned about the shallow rise. Fluorescent color of lining : Yellow doubts the aesthetic Sense. 5 ° C or more and less than 10 ° C at high speed Cruising (Mega sportsMachine) Then it was cold. ".Thanks to Mr. Thailand for taking care of me, but the cor...

SAS-TEC Chest Protector CP-2 Body Only DAYTONA
posted Dec 7, 2017

If this life can be protected at this pr...

By Japan User(translated) (154467)FromJapan

Searching as to whether Leather jacket is nice ... I bought it because I found a chest Protector at Sale! Material is a feeling of hardening Sponge? Elf's Jacket is entering with a margin. I thought I'd get in the way because Motorcycle is ReplicaType, but I can drive without problems at all. I pray for nothing but I am a little relieved.

Wind Guard Face Mask ROUGH&ROAD
posted Dec 7, 2017

Recognize that countermeasures against c...

By Japan User(translated) (154467)FromJapan

Until now I used GW's GORE U IndiaStopper and it was cold in the neck when the temperature was below 10 degrees Celsius, but since I made this product, I did not mind it.In the coldest season I think that perfect if you do a thin face mask underneath.The nose is also hidden in the photograph, but if you put it on the chin with Fit and tighten H...

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