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Motorcycle Gear

JK-117 Protect Full Mesh Jacket Gimon KOMINE
posted Apr 21, 2018

I like the style and color of the goods

By Anonymous (1)FromChina

I like the style and color of the goods. Let's first talk about the disadvantage of Komine jk117, which is whether the work needs improvement or not. The advantage is that it is very comfortable to wear, well fitted, breathable and very protective. In a word, it is still very satisfactory. I hope that the website can provide some instant contact to...

YRE13 Track Blouson YAMAHA
posted Apr 16, 2018

Yamaha jacket

By Anonymous (4)FromHong Kong

This YRE13 Track Blouson 90792 Y060300s
Please select a size - Size:3L
This Yamaha coat, the quantity is very good, very nice tailor, wore the last body, felt in racing car a field, imposing Lin Lin, I bought the quantity very high coat, which is very satisfied.

HBS-003 Short Boots HenlyBegins
posted Apr 14, 2018

Even if it looks like this for Motorcycl...

By Japan User(translated) (157255)FromJapan

It was written in a package "For Motorcycle even if it looks like this" Copy of this Boots Concept.Shift guard is also attached to the interior, it is OK ranch as usual! It suits Jeans very well.I wanted to imagine the feeling from the feeling of the quality of the skin which did not expect much at this price, the feeling of Wrinkle of th...

ES-1 Single Riders KADOYA
posted Apr 14, 2018

Both comfortable design is the best!

By Japan User(translated) (157255)FromJapan

It is truly Jacket of Kadoya. Leather was soft and comfortable feeling was good. 3L height 181 cm Firmly body shape, Inner wearing is just fine.

TRV045 Stealth CE Knee Guard (Hard) RS Taichi
posted Apr 11, 2018

It is useful..

By Japan User(translated) (157255)FromJapan

Although I fell down with a considerable Speed, fortunately there was no abrasion and it was done with a bruise. I think that it is a place where you can not escape fracture unless you are wearing it.

Gauntlet Leather Gloves DS ROUGH&ROAD
posted Apr 11, 2018

Very soft, cool, but smaller than the si...

By Anonymous (3)FromThailand

I measured my hands and it pointed to size L; however, the gloves are smaller than that. It seems 2 sizes smaller so I think I should get a size XL instead. However the gloves fit my wife so she took them lol.
Talking about quality, they're soft and feel very light. The coolmax liner inside makes hands feel dry and cool. Not only look good for b...

AK-341 Cool Max N95 Filter Mask KOMINE
posted Apr 11, 2018

황사대비 궁극의 아이템!!

By Anonymous (2)FromSouth Korea

점점 심해지는 대한민국 황사때문에 이번에 큰맘먹고 구매했습니다.
n95필터가 기본내장되어 있고 별도로 교체도 가능합니다.n98필터를 쓰면 더 완벽할겁니다.
교체할때는 마스크 한번 빨아주고 새 필터를 넣어서 쓰면 되겠네요....

JK-114 Protect Mesh Parka Ten KOMINE
posted Apr 11, 2018

여름철 탁월한 선택!!

By Anonymous (2)FromSouth Korea

키173Cm 몸무게 90Kg
XL구매했습니다. 완벽하게 딱 맞습니다.
팔길이는 제가 좀 짧은데 동일체형을 가진 친구는 팔이 정확히 팔목까지 옵니다....

HBG-010 Goat Skin Gloves Protection Type DAYTONA
posted Apr 11, 2018

First time Gloves

By Japan User(translated) (157255)FromJapan

It was my first Gloves, but I bought it because it was affordable and safe Design.Size measured its own size and purchased it, but Large is not too much and it is not too small and the fitting feeling is no problem.

posted Apr 11, 2018

The color of the product photograph and ...

By Japan User(translated) (157255)FromJapan

I went to a store in a nearby shop but I did not have the same color and bought it with Net.I bought Fluo Orange, but I was shocked at seeing the goods I received.Product photos look slightly chic Orange close to Brown,The real thing is Glaringly's fluorescent Orange.Although it may be unavoidable because it is difficult for fluorescent color t...

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