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Ranked 140 of 1,795 brands  in Handles & Control Parts
(116 Customer Reviews)
Very good
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ACERBIS, an Italian brand, is skilled at manufacturing plastic products. Various manufacturers and motorcycle works team adopt their exterior parts. Their elaborate fenders or hand guards have been continuously evolving

ACERBIS Dual Road Hand Guard

SEA BASS, attached to a dixer. It is perfect. I did not attach Spacer of enclosed Handlebar End and it was able to install easily and surely. Initially, I searched for a shape that can be attached fir...

ACERBIS Lockable Gas Tank Cap

When going to forest road touring,In some areas GS is closed on Sunday ...Move to the site from 40 kmAbout 160 km playing all day ... my own KLX 250 (-10) It is 150 pikopiko ...I bought IMS's Big ...

ACERBIS Dual Road Hand Guard

【What made you decide the purchase?】Purchased for the purpose of wind protection in the winter.NORMAL's Handlebar around Handicard dedicated to the model of the premise is also sold by other compa...

ACERBIS Super Motard Front Fender

Shorter than OEM's long Fender, Image changed.XR250 MOTARD had no description of hole size, but Honda car was the same drilling Pitch so it was okay to drill with that, but just to make sure I rem...

ACERBIS Dual Road Hand Guard

I was troublesome at the time of purchasing a new car so I installed it at a dealer. Although I was anxious about the strength because I stopped at the Grip end, the Guard itself was solid even if I s...

ACERBIS x -Factor Hand Guard

X - Factor Hand Guard is a famous item in overseas HardEnduro community.Anyway, because it is sturdy BigOff's hard fall even makes me totter! It is endured without any distortion even in repeated ...

ACERBIS Neoprene Gaiter Upright

The Fork of the TT 250 R RAID was degraded and replaced.Installation was also easy with the included Tie Wrap. Appearance improved Parenthesis.I heard that deterioration is earlier than Bellows, but b...

ACERBIS X-GRIP Frame Protector

I am using it in the formula YZ 125 in 2007.Purchase with the aim of preventing FrameWound and improving Hold feeling during standing - I installed it.To the manual is memorized that there was no tran...

ACERBIS x -Open Hand Guard

In the case of the installation to the KX100, in my case I used it for Lever protection when I fell down rather than stepping stones I chose Green Light so I decided because the shape was stylish, Arm...

ACERBIS Cyclop Headlight

I restored the immovable CRM 50, finished it in a form that puts out One-off feeling to amateur work, and watched when thinking about Front mask.Since Halogen bulb is out of the question, we assumed t...


Reliable feeling is high because Cup of the knee is deep until SIDE.The length to enter Off-road boots is also appropriate.Even if Protector is divided into three and knees are bent, Adjustment Belt i...

ACERBIS Riding Shorts Soft Type

Stopped by standing gobble, hanging, swinging, sweating Start, trying out too much, swallowing, Seat's anko pulling out too much and my butt hurts.Recommended for those who have such a feeling.I a...


Rubber of the Waist belt part which fits to the body has become licking with twice use!It is good that the heavy tool does not shake as it fits the body, but durability is too little.


Structure is dramatically good.
Even if it falls with an Asphalt, I think that it is satisfactory.
For a certain reason, wearing of a under [ a Jacket ] may have quite severe width....

ACERBIS Spark Plug Holder

When going to run to an off-road Course place besides a usual Touring, it is found useful although a spare Plug is brought.
Although a Plug will be put into a tool box and will be carried if it puts...

ACERBIS Rear Fender Tool Bag

Since the Front carrier was attached, it purchased to pay a tool.
bottom is harder structure and a Bolt, a Nut, and 4 sets of Washers are contained.
The Washer is a fairly larger Washer....

ACERBIS Spark Plug Holder

It was bulky than expected. Structure is good although the reason made into the egg shape is not understood. I would like to carry a plug now from now on.

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