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AS Uotani

Ranked 100 of 1,743 brands  in Engine Parts
(145 Customer Reviews)
Very good
Official Site

The ignition coil kit of AS UOTANI draws out power of the motorcycle. It gives difference especially when installed on old type of models whose ignition coils are deteriorated. Joint use of high quality plug is recommended.

AS Uotani SPII Power Coil Kit (Universal)

Idling of CB 77 and rushing up were not good, so we decided to introduce Wotani's SP? PowerCoilKit, which had been used extensively in CB 93 before, had effect.As for Idling and rushing up, it tur...

AS Uotani SPII Power Coil Kit (Bolt On Set)

Middle speed region on the general road 50 ~ 70 km / I felt that the acceleration of h became a little sharpA little more quickly became a mottled attachment of a lane joining from a low speed20 ~ 30 ...

AS Uotani SPII Full Power Kit

Although Wiring processing and parts replacement are necessary, the effect after replacement was able to be experienced immediately.Because it is simultaneous exchange of OEM Igniter and Coil, the eff...

AS Uotani SPII High Power Coil (Universal)

This time it has been used for about 8 years and cracks have occurred in the resin on the surface of Coil etc etc etc etc etc. , Changed the remarkable KITACO's RACINGCoil to AS Wotani's SPIIC...

AS Uotani SPII Full Power Kit

Originally converted to Full transistor and using Wachani's PowerCoilWe introduced it at full kit launch.First of all the starting is amazing ~ After that Response is orders of magnitude from NORM...

AS Uotani SPII High Power Coil Set

RSCoil's installation position was shown with iFACTORYWe tightened up with Oil tank with reference to Bracket.Therefore, because the bundled Plug cord is short,Buy KIJIMASilicon cord Φ 7? 1 m.Conn...

AS Uotani SPII High Power Coil (Universal)

【What made you decide the purchase?】 Because the car of DAX is 3rd gear, the connection of GEAR is one more. I aimed for Torque up by wearing AS Wotani to fill that valley.【How was it actually used?】 ...

AS Uotani SPII Full Power Kit

Installation is Coil and Plug cord InstallationIt is quite Large strange, but starting is amazing ~It is not comparable with NORMAL.I think that performance is always satisfied.

AS Uotani SPII Full Power Kit

It is attached to the acquaintance's car, I was advised and tried purchasing.Difference was found from starting, it became a different motorcycle!I'm very much recommended!

AS Uotani SPII High Power Coil (Universal)

It can be installed as if it is an OEM Product, but if you use the OEM's Mounting Bolt as it is, it interferes with the Coupler for a long time, so you need to change it to a short Bolt or fix it ...

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