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Very good
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JETECH is produced and quality controlled by Japanese technology.?The tools polished with the eyes of skilled engineers are used in a wide range of 80 countries including European countries, Asian countries and the United States.

JETECH TOOL BCP-65 Disk Brake Piston Tool

Simple, making is steady. It is heavy because it is sturdy, but I think that it is a product that you can use for a long time. I think that it can be used not only for two wheels but also for four whe...

JETECH TOOL COM-18mm Combination Wrench

Combination wrench uses TONE, SK11, jetech, Astro, but I think that the price against performance is a very good product. I am satisfied because satin finishes likes usability as well. Size that is ra...

JETECH TOOL BCP-65 Disk Brake Piston Tool

It's expensive, but it's totally better than nothing. It was good.. No problem at all if it is the first tool. You can relax easily.

JETECH TOOL BCP-65 Disk Brake Piston Tool

I tried it immediately, but it is a simple making, and it is a sturdy feeling. Of course Piston pushed back firmly. I assumed it from the beginning, but when you remove Caliper, it is a good idea to p...

JETECH TOOL Folding Hexagon Wrench (1 Set of 9pcs....

I bought it for car use Large rinse than I had thought.Usability is not bad, so it is bulky, but I will put it in the Tool bag.It is firmly made for the price. It is a tool that can be Recommendation ...

JETECH TOOL BCP-65 Disk Brake Piston Tool

【What made you decide the purchase?】 RequiredTo return the Caliper piston at cleaning.Previously, I was returning by hand, but since Piston was accidentally disconnected.Cheap Prices.【How was it actua...

JETECH TOOL COM-17mm Combination Wrench

Easy to use and easy to hold,I think that even this price is made precisely.I am useful in regular maintenance.I also have to arrange the other Size little by little!

JETECH TOOL Thickness Gauge (32pcs.)

I bought it to make Valve clearance adjustmentIt's easy to use because it is set finelyWhile paying attention not to rust, I would like to use it for the Large thing

JETECH TOOL OFS 11-13 Combination Wrench

【What made you decide the purchase?】When I tried to exchange Brake fluid, Bolt was 13 mm and I bought this.I bought the cheapest item in Double-end Wrench.【How was it actually used?】It was not a cheap...

JETECH TOOL Thickness Gauge (32pcs.)

【What made you decide the purchase?】 Required itemAbundance of price and variety.【How was it actually used?】 Required itemIt was content as expected.【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】 An...

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