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Ranked 189 of 1,743 brands  in Engine Parts
(67 Customer Reviews)
Very good
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PFP provides motorcycle parts at a low price. Why don't you try PFP parts which attract many motorcycle fans or shops not only for their price but also for their high quality.

PFP Gasket (1 Set of 8-items)

Всем привет !
Посылку получил, в хорошую упаковку упаковано. Из Японии в Новороссийск посылка дошла за месяц.
Спасибо !

PFP Disk Rotor

If possible, Black was good at the center of Rotor, but it was good for reputation, so I did this. I am satisfied with the price. Although the braking force is unlimited and impossible, I think that i...

PFP Blinker Bracket

OEM's Bracket is so expensive that I bought this.When I bought it at a different NetShop the last time I got a solid Material Bracket that is not as good as the OEM, but the material that I receiv...

PFP Brake Shoe

【What made you decide the purchase?】The price was the cheapest in Brake Shoe that conforms to a favorite car【How was it actually used?】The effect is almost the same as OEM Product. Only the stepped an...

PFP Oil Filter

The O-ring on the Cartridge side is assembled, and the entire Body is packed with SEROW Han Film. It is not attached, please be relieved. It is assembled.. Translation (It is difficult to enter here. ...

PFP Belt

The price was also cheap and the texture was not bad, and at the time of NORMAL we were able to run as normal as 1000 km.,!, Only 3% Tension goes up DAYTONA's Reinforced Spring (Yellow color)It wa...

PFP Brake Pad

Although it is in other Impression, braking performance drastically decreases in rainy weather.It does not work as much as Big Li.I have put up with it for a long time, but I can not do it anymore. li...

PFP Brake Pads

In Dry it feels like OEM, but rather it feels a little more effective.The braking force itself was not perplexed with a linear rise.The problem is Wet, and the street effect as it is in various impres...

PFP Seat Cover for Replacement

Completion will rise considerably depending on ingenuity.☆ Four items are Waterproof - I thought it would be nice to have some more fabric thickness.- Rain may penetrate from the seam → Seat thinly pa...

PFP Belt

I can use it normally, There is a stemmatic praise evaluation on a certain site, but it is normal to the last.I use it for about 2 weeks, but I can use it normally.If you do not set it for a very good...

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