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Ranked 23 of 1,743 brands  in Handles & Control Parts
(815 Customer Reviews)
Very good
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PRO GRIP has released various products like throttle grip or off-road goggle. The throttle grip reduces vibration. This product is excellent in cost efficiency while focusing on the functions to support riders.

PRO GRIP PG3201 Race Line Goggles

【What made you decide the purchase?】First offGoggles so I first emphasized Cost【How was it actually used?】There is a slight cloudy thing, I feel a bit bad for breathability, but it's totally accep...

PRO GRIP PGS3221 Yellow Lens

It is the first time for Yellow Lens, but the outline is clear and clear in both cloudy and sunny, very good.It may be unsuitable for people who want to hide their eyes like Smoked lens and Mirror Len...

PRO GRIP Baseline Goggles

Strap's "PROGRIP" of "P" Logo is Parenthesis good (Lol)Because it is different from Snow Goggles, I was lost in Large, but Shield was Single and Anti-Fog - It is Anti-scratch p...

PRO GRIP PG3201 Race Line Goggles

Helmet ARAI's VCROSS-3 I bought it for use with SizeM Motocross.I felt that the adjustment width of Belt was small, but the other comfort was Large.Although it used only about 3 times, the root pa...

PRO GRIP PG3201 Race Line Goggles

Although the Talon of Swan's are using to continue purchase(For ReplacementSpongeForm appears in Spare parts. Easy to replace. But Others will also become ragged. After all it will be replaced)Why...

PRO GRIP PGS3247 Multi-Layered Yellow Lens

I bought it with Goggles at the same time but it is not dazzling even in summer sunshine and driving is easy because there is no strange distortion in the sight.Yellow mirror color is beautiful and th...

PRO GRIP PG3201 Race Line Goggles

Because it was the first purchase of Goggles in life, "Reasonable = For introductory?" I thought that I was aiming for items around 4000 yen and I bought this.Since Mr. PROGRIP loves Grip si...

PRO GRIP PG3201 Race Line Goggles

Purchased by price attraction for MOTARD driving.Compared with Helmet because it was Large in the vertical direction compared with other products, it was uneasy but it was able to be used without prob...


This product was charmed at the moment of seeing with quite smart goods, and was purchased.
Although a Design is also good, it is a true Pro-grip company, and this Glove is an Image which is easy to ...


There is also no C, there is also no failure and it is Cost-performance good!

PRO GRIP Sponge Grip #722

I chose Sponge type to reduce vibration due to Handlebar change.Vibration is reduced as we expect, combined with Touch of Sponge reduces hand fatigue.

PRO GRIP Superbike Grip #724

I have mounted Motorcycle only a few times after wearing it, but it feels cool..It is my personal feeling, I guess that it may be a bit thicker.After that it is Life.

PRO GRIP Superbike Grip #780

The thing itself is not cheap and the fabrication of Diamond is also cheap, but it is wonderful ... Is Motorcycle worn on ... Is it bad ... Grip I want to see you haunted. Whether it is really wonderf...

PRO GRIP Tank Pad #5008

Thickness is also good with 3 pieces, design is good and this price is satisfactory. It seems to be able to repaste.I think that it can be tailored to you because there are several types of Color.

PRO GRIP Superbike Grip #724

NORMAL's Grip is so hard that the texture - Cost performance - This Grip excellent in Designusing.Using Gloves will speed up degradation, but I think that it is a consumable item.As a reference, w...

PRO GRIP Tank Pad #5000

Material is also thick, Carbon Style pattern is very good.Design is also cool.However, it seems a little Small. - - - -I do not complain if I go back to Large.

PRO GRIP Superbike Grip #724

I did not like the hard Grip so I arrived at this.I like feeling of Outer Grip feeling and I'm exchanging it for this when I replace the car.The position where the surface is roughed a little more...

PRO GRIP Superbike Grip #725

It seems that it also absorbs vibration.Coloring is also good feeling.Just because of the soft material, wear outI feel that it is likely.

PRO GRIP Superbike Grip #768

【What made you decide the purchase?】 Exchange of worn grips after Handlebar exchange and High Solo conversion, too. Because the Grip here was very good reputation, decided.【How was it actually used?】 ...

PRO GRIP Off-Road Use Grip #795

As a mounting, it was a softer material than I thought. However, there was no particular difficulty.Because the whole is not the same in the Design part, I do not know where it comes out on the table ...


I intended to attach it to the key of FORZA, but I thought that the bond between the Body's Rubber part and the gold part was somewhat unreliable because I thought it was a little Large, so I thou...


I chose from Rubber Key Ring so that Motorcycle is not scratched.The part of Logo is cut out beautifully, both sides are the same design and it is Big.Very good thing.


When looking for the Key ring which changes to DUCATI, is cheap and matches a Motorcycle, there was a Key ring with sufficient furniture.
Since it was the > Rubber type, a crack did not take lessons ...


[Webike Monitor] In the almost same size as the key of the main part of Motorcycle, the Logo of the Pro grip containing the Italy national flag has also joked very much.
I think that a crack is not e...

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