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Ranked 298 of 1,795 brands  in Security
(36 Customer Reviews)
Very good

The bike is always in danger of theft, even in the place I went shopping and inside the city, in front of the house, in the parking lot, even in the garage.?"TORUNA" is a convincing price, firmly guarded concept, we have a wealth of lineups ranging from ultra-thick steel joints to U-shaped locks.

TORUNA TORUNA Light Bike Cover 3L

Since I also purchased a difference of Size before and was not dissatisfied, I additionally purchased it accompanying an increase in car.Unfortunately, there was a defect that Buckle holding the hem p...

TORUNA Long Fat Steel Joint

Since I wanted to lock and lock Randa 's handrail and Motorcycle, I purchased a little longer 1800 mm.I think that it was about 2,700 yen at the price at the time of purchase, but I think that it ...

TORUNA Wide U Lock

CB400SF (NC41) I purchased this item because I wanted to lock the rear wheel of my car from the top of Cover.In common U-shaped Lock, we could not lock the rear wheels.It was possible to lock it witho...

TORUNA Fat Steel Joint

At this price Spec. It can not help but complain. I feel it is very well done. Cover of the keyhole can be improved a little more water resistance. Just this price is enough.

TORUNA TORUNA Light Bike Cover L

I think that it has sufficient performance with respect to price.I think it is weak because the fabric is thinner than the same Brand Normal item, but it will not crash even if it is used for 2 years....

TORUNA Fat Steel Joint

There is also considerable weight but it does not look like 1500 yen! I bought it thought it was a charm, but it seems to be worth more than that! It seems to be a recommendation for friends.

TORUNA Wide U Lock

It is very solid and makes heavy weight just right.. I do not think any tool will be destroyed. Now you can lock the Tire and you will not be stolen!

TORUNA Fat Steel Joint

It is thick and firm on the price side. Cover is also arriving at the Wire part and Wheeletc. It will not hurt. However, because it is heavy for heavy weight, it is a little hard to carry around.

TORUNA TORUNA Light Bike Cover M

Buy Yellow sand in spring, measures against pollen.We purchased this product by examining various imprints and products.Waterproof sex occasionally spreads WaterproofSpray will be worth more than the ...

TORUNA TORUNA Light Bike Cover 4L

I am leaving on the immobile car's DSC 400.YSP's Cover broke in 3 years and the cheapest Cover in the Amazon broke in one year.If I go on and on all the year, I think that it is about 3 years ...

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