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Very good
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YOSHIMURA has conducted research and development in motorcycle parts and participated in races for years. Users extremely support their product performance and craftsmanship created from their high technology.

YOSHIMURA Camshaft [ST-2]

This camshaft work great. Same torque as a stock 1340 under 5000 and alot more top end horsepower. My engine is a Busa 1441 for street riding,

YOSHIMURA Camshaft [ST-2]

This camshaft worked extremely good on my 1441cc engine. Torque under 5000 is same as a stock engine, but plenty of top end horsepower at 11000rpm. This is a great product!

YOSHIMURA Rear Stand Bracket Set

BMW I mounted it in S1000R 2017It is a so-called Stand Hook, which has little function as a SliderAs expected it is a good finish of YOSHIMURA, but if you apply STAND it will be a great paint WoundWou...

YOSHIMURA Rear Stand Bracket Set (M8)

I bought it for use of Maintenace Stand of V letter receiver.Since the car body is black, the color of Champagne gold is well harmonized and it can be satisfied even if it looks.

YOSHIMURA Radiator Core Protector

Cleaning Core was troublesome, as it seems that it looks shabby when left unattended, consider purchasing.Even if you look at any Manufacturer "High - - - When I was wondering, my eyes stopped at...

YOSHIMURA Radiator Core Protector

mounted the radiator gurd 'yoshimura' to cb400sb 17'th.
It is mounted very easily. about 20 minutes.
I think it is a very protective and looking also good....


I was cheating with Universal's Gasket and diverted items, but after all I can relieve the designated Gasket.Since we had set the carburetor again and again, Gasket was about to be replaced.It is ...

YOSHIMURA Radiator Core Protector

As OEM's Radiator guard got rusted, I bought the YOSHIMURA's Radiator Core Protector I wanted from before. It was easy to install. (On the contrary it seems to be stolen immediately)In terms o...

YOSHIMURA Slip-on Silencer HEPTA FORCE Cyclone EXP...

I purchased it because it can coexist with GIVI's OutBack 37? Pannier for V-Strom 1000 ABS. I made it to the cheapest AllStainless Type, but it is very Beauty with Polished. I immediately replaced...

YOSHIMURA Radiator Core Protector Core Guard

The radiator protection is shorter than 2 cm from the original as you can see in the picture, so I could not mount it.
I contacted customer service on time to request a replacement or full refund, bu...

YOSHIMURA Kushitani Flat Fit Sleeve

Purchase for sunburn protection in the summer. Until now, Sleeve of this kind used the guy attached in the appendix of the magazine.Sleeve of the appendix I used up to now was quite a tight fitting fe...


Gorgeous, Yoshimuraetc. It is great for people of. Next I would like to buy a Jacket. Is it a little expensive? - - - I want the next Bonus, if it comes out. I am very pleased with this CAP

YOSHIMURA US YOSHIMURA T-shirt (Yoshimura Speed Ce...

It is T-Shirt which treated the US Asahi flag of USYOSHIMURA.Anything Design is Parenthesis ( - ∀ - )good!!I want Tsuda player's Replica helmet to be released As the best T-Shirt I am.

YOSHIMURA YOSHIMURA Kushitani Warm Mid Jacket

Truly KUSHITANI & YOSHIMURA collaboration!Insanely Design is Parenthesis well warm.It seems that you can also use it as a spring midget, autumn entrance and mid Layer in winter.But the shoulder wi...

YOSHIMURA Dry Long Sleeve T-shirt

LongShirt is getting old and I bought it.But the season has changed and it is getting cold, I think I would like to wear it in layersI will write a little bit of impression1. I thought it was warm in ...

YOSHIMURA Kushitani Flat Fit Sleeve

It takes a bit of trouble to wear it, but it feels very pleasant when you are wearing a good Fit feeling. I feel a little expensive in terms of COSPA, but because it is a functional Brand it is good.


When the endurance comes, YOSHIMURA will take heat.Is not there people full of people of the same generation?It's cool, so next year I will wear a koreI will go to support Suzuka (^_^) v


Tend to be in this hand T-Shirt "Pe Lea" "Print degrading with several washes" There was not cheapness such as.It is the standard quality, 3000 yen T-Shirt feeling quality.

YOSHIMURA Dry Long Sleeve T-shirt

【WebikeMonitor】 Collaboration products of YOSHIMURA and KUSHITANII am looking for exactly what Season in the future is going to findIt is easy to take off when you wear under leather Jacket


After I took off Helmet, my hair would inevitably get strange, so I always hunted with a hat and I was looking for something good, this time I stopped watching and bought it. Because the Exhaust Syste...

YOSHIMURA Racing Floor Mat

It is cool.This alone, Garage will be the atmosphere of WorksPit.In the middle of January, when I found it in Homepage of YOSHIMURA, it is already after the reservation deadline.If you come to webike,...

YOSHIMURA Stacking Mugcup

In some cases Point was in the process of being forfeited this time, purchase ♪Since I used to like YOSHIMURA, I'm satisfied with this Cup drinking Wine and Japanese sake ♪Life with Motorcycle rel...


I'm looking forward to seeing the taste good with a sense of use as the product is skinned because I ordered Black! If it says a difficulty Ring is hard and it is about that the key did not enter ...


As I used it for 2 to 3 years, the thread has unraveled, so I replaced it with a new one.Because the string is wide, it is easy to use gently on the neck!In the past, the bottom part of Strap was a co...

YOSHIMURA Dual Stack Funnel System Basic Kit for T...

Purchased with dual stack specification of TMR-mjn. According to the attached manual, the main jet was at the top 10 than the normal funnel. While wondering if the amount of air will increase so far, ...


It is attached to Bag of everyday use.After all, as a motorcycle ride, I think that there is no one who does not know YOSHIMURA, so I think that it is understood to those who understand even if walkin...

YOSHIMURA Yoshimura Kyoto Folding Fan

I bought it because I found it when I saw YOSHIMURA Goods. Every detail was carefully made and I used it every summer at my work place. I would like to use this summer, too.

YOSHIMURA YOSHIMURA Thermos Vacuum Heat Insulation...

I liked YOSHIMURA so I tried purchasing it, but Design is also very simple and quite good.Considering the function is reasonable price, but hopefully it is a bit cheaper..I will purchase another one -...

YOSHIMURA iPhone6 IC Card Case

I installed it immediately.Although it protrudes somewhat, the texture is high and it is very good.I do not put in ICCard and Slide because I do not want to use it as it is.


I attached the R-11CYCLONE to the GSX-R1000 so I tried it all together.Just because the key ring of this Key Holder was thick and it was hard to attach to the SEA BASSOEM key, I moved it to the Key Ho...

YOSHIMURA T.D.C. Stopper M8 (Top Dead Center Stopp...

Used for Valve timing adjustment work when Yoshimura head is attached to APE vertical engine.Although top dead center can be issued even if there is nothing, it is effective for reducing working time.

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