Webike’s Best 5 Recommended Smartphone Holder for Motorcycle


Smartphone have become a daily necessity.

It’s an item that riders can’t afford to let go, such as using it for navigation, listening to music, and looking for a good place to eat at the touring destination.

We’re going to show you five smartphone holders that can mount such a smartphone on a motorcycle!


5 recommended smartphone holder selected carefully for the motorcycle

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Part 1. Part 1. Easy to attach and detach! The Simplest Mounting Way “DAYTONA SP Connect”

How about a big and noticeable smartphone mount on a cool bike? If possible, unnoticefull type is better with compact size. Right?

SP Connect that has been released from DAYTONA recently is a recommended Smarphone holder for such fashionable riders.

SP Connect has a special holder for the motorcycle body and a special case for the smartphone. When using it as a smartphone holder, simply snaps it in to the bracket.

The best feature is its simple mount part!


It is unnoticeable!

Actually, it is not rare to find a smartphone holder that uses a combination of a mounting bracket with an exclusive smartphone case.

The reason of excellence on SP Connect is because of its small mount.

Since the mount part of the body side is small and stylish, it does not stand out even when you’re not installing your smartphone and compromise the design of your motorcycle.


Easy to install and just flip it 90-degrees over the mount!

It is easy to detach when entering a store for a little break!




Enrich option Smartphone cases and mounts.

There is also an exclusive smartphone case required for installation and it is a cover that is safe even in the rain whether! The recent iPhone series covers roughly.

It has enriched option parts such as an exclusive smartphone case required for installation and waterproof cover that protect from a rain! It almost covers for recent iPhone series.

No worries even can not find your corresponded smartphone case.

Universal interfaces have also been lined up that can be connected by pasting it to your smartphone case.

It seems that you can mount various things other than smartphone if you use the universal adapter!



The various mount was also prepared to correspond to the wide range model, such as common handlebar clump type, stem hole mount type of clip on handlebar model, mount type for clutch lever and brake lever clamps that is good for Harley-Davidson.

Of course, it is possible to purchase only the mount, so it is possible to attach it to multiple moand make it possible to mount a smartphone on any vehicle!


And you can mount a GoPro by using the SP Gadgets series, and it boasts a high level of extensibility in a level called the gadget holder, not the smartphone holder!

*In addition to the general mount, there is also a holder that will be able in wireless charging.


▼Advantages of SP Connect!

・Simple and Unnoticeable mount does not ruin the motorcycle design.

・It is available in a variety of vehicles and mounting methods with a wide range of options.

・GoPro can also be mounted.

・The back of the Smartphone Case is Flat.

・It is possible to charge stylishly with the optional wireless charger holder.

▼Disadvantages of SP Connect!

・Nothing! I can say that it is the best smartphone holder at the moment.


▼Click here for details and prices of SP Connect! [Webike]


[Item Details]

・Corresponded smartphone

iPhone series exclusive case available

It is used for other smartphones by using universal interface.

・Mountable handlebar diameter

Mm ✓

Inch ✓



Part 2. It is a standard item! Rich mount parts are attractive “Quad Lock: Motorcycle mount”

Quad Lock is a smartphone holder that has simple appearance and excellent operability which are same as SP Connect.

After putting the smartphone in an exclusive case and attaching the mount part of the motorcycle, It can be securely fixed in one touch.

The glass fiber plastic material makes the body holder a very light and tough.


It is used in various scenes if the headers are changed.

In addition, Quad Lock has a various exclusive holder it can also be used in various scenes, such as for Bicycles, Cars, and Running other than motorcycles.

It is a pleasant point to be able to use other than motorcycles!


Optional items, such as waterproof cover and universal adapter, are enriched,

In addition, a waterproof rain pouch for rain, a pasting type universal adapter by double-sided tape for people who want to use their favorite cases, and etc. have been prepared.


▼Advantages of Quadlock

Simple, tough, light, and it’s pretty good for a smartphone.

The highly versatile that is usable for various scenes other than motorcycle is also a good point.

In addition, it is installable with no problem even to fat bar of Harley Davidson because it is included with 3-types of spacer.

Some webike staffs are also using this one and they have a good impression.


▼Disadvantages of Quadlock

・Because both of the exclusive smartphone cases and the universal adapter are slightly exposed on the back, it is not stable if putting your smartphone on the desk while using it.

・If purchasing a set of exclusive smartphone case + motorcycle holder, it will be almost ¥10,000. It is slightly more expensive

・However, the durability is high and considering that it will be used for a long time, it may be a reasonable price.

・Mounting part is noticeable compared to SP Connect.

▼ The function on how to use the Quad Lock is introduced in this video!



[Item Details]

・Corresponded smartphone

iPhone Series (5 – latest) exclusive Cases are Available

GALAXY Series (S7 EDGE – latest) exclusive Cases are Available

It is usable on other smartphone by using a universal adapter.

・Mountable handlebar diameter

Mm ✓

Inch ✓



Part 3: Easy to see the screen by free adjustment. “DAYTONA: Smartphone Holder for Motorcycle (Normal/Wide)”

The unique point of this Daytona’s smartphone holder is its flexibility.

You can fully adjust this mount to match your riding position and space left around the handle.


“WIDE” type for a smartphone with a large screen.

Recent smartphones, including the iPhone, have a large screen.

You can select from “Wide” and “Standard”. If you have a large smartphone like iPhone Plus series, “Wide” will hold them securely.

And, Mount type is also selectable from “Rigid Type” which is fixable hardly or “Quick Type” which is the clamp type for fixing.

Of course, it can be installed both 22.2cm and inch bar using spacer included.



▼ Advantages of DAYTONA Smartphone Holder!

・ Depending on the space left around your handle and your riding position, you can fully adjust the mount to where you can best see the screen.

・Since it is easy to install and the price is also reasonable, Webike recommends this for the smartphone holder used for the first time.

・It is also an advantage that it is made in Japan under the trust of quality!


▼ Disadvantages of DAYTONA Smartphone Holder!

・Since it is only the holder part, rider must measure under wet condition.

・If you keep using the mount under rainy weather for a year, the movement of the spring inside the clamp will become stiff. (No worry! Lube it!)


[Item Details]

・Corresponded smartphone

Standard type support smartphone size within width 58-68mm, Thickness 9-15mm.

Wide type support smartphone size within width 58-68mm, Thickness 9-15mm.

・Mountable handlebar diameter

Mm ✓

Inch ✓


Click here for details and price of Daytona smartphone holder (normal/wide) for motorcycles.


Part 4: The mirror clamp type that is usable for scooter and clip on handlebar model! “TANAX Motofizz: Digital Case Holder Set MF-4702”


There are many fixed types of smartphone holders for handle bars., but it is not installable to scooters that has a handle cover and separate handle bar model.

This TANAX Digicase Holder Set is available for a motorcycle that does not equipped with bar handle, because its bracket is mounted in mirror port!

The included smartphone case is installable in either vertical or horizontal.


It is safe even in a sudden rain by an included waterproof rain cover!

You can use it without any problems by attaching the rain cover in sudden rain.

It is safe to have a waterproof function to use it for motorcycle.


*The size of the rain cover ↓

▼ Advantage of TANAX Motofizz: Digicase Mount Set!

・ Because it is mirror mount type, it’s good to be able to use it on various motorcycles other than the bar handle.

・ It is very good that the necessary parts such as a smartphone case, a rain cover and a safety strap are included.

・ In addition, the smartphone case adopted the smoked film to make the screen easier to see even during the day. This is so well designed.


▼ Disadvantage of TANAX Motofizz: Digicase Mount Set!

・There is no hole in the case to pass the charging cable of the smartphone, so a little creativity is required when using it while charging.

・The case included is versatile, but it is not so stylish.


[Item Details]

・Corresponded smartphone

Smartphone under 22(H) × 85 (W) × 145 (D)mm

・Mountable handlebar diameter

It is installable to the mirror port.


Click here for Price and Details of TANAX Motofizz: Digicase Mount Set MF-4702 .



Part 5. The Best Cost-Performance! Recommend for those who only use occasionally “IMPACT: Waterproof Smartphone Holder”

It is a Smartphone holder of IMPACT that is recommended for those who have such an opinion as “It would be convenient, if there is a non expensive smartphone holder for occasional ride as I don’t ride much.”

It is a set of the simple waterproof case + bracket with a low price of just ¥1,000 + α, so it’s worth to have one for emergency!

In functionality, In terms of functionality, there is not a special feature more than what was introduced above, that is introduced above, but it is recommended for those people who has an opinion “The smartphone is just an ornament. I will use it only a few times in a year.”


▼Advantages of IMPACT Waterproof Smartphone Holder

・It is attractive that the set of Case and the Holder are ¥1000 + α.

・This is recommended as a first smartphone holder for people who never used one before.

・Although the case is not perfect waterproof, it is possible to protect the smartphone even if it is a little rainy!

・It also has a lineup of 2 sizes, large and small.

・Not only smartphone, but you can also use it for a highway ticket or cash.


▼Disadvantages of IMPACT Waterproof Smartphone Holder

・There is no fine adjustment mechanism. (But it is cheap.)

・Since it is a minimum function, it is necessary to devise it when you want to use it while charging. (But it is cheap.)

・There is the case that the power of the smartphone will shut down by stuffy heat in the summer. (But it is cheap.)

・You cannot operate the smartphone after putting in the case. (But it is cheap.)


[Item Details]

・Corresponded smartphone

Case Size (Internal): 167mm × 89mm (iPhone 8 Plus)

・Mountable handlebar diameter

Mm (22 mm) ✓

Inch ✓

▼Click here for price and details of IMPACT Waterproof Smartphone Holder


Addition: It is convenient if used together with this “USB Port for Motorcycle”

In long-distance touring, we want to use the smartphone with charging.

At that time, if the vehicle has a USB port, it’s super convenient, let’s attach it to the vehicle!



Click here for details of USB port for motorcycle.


Introducing five items of smartphone holder carefully selected that is very useful for long touring.

If you choose the most suitable one in using, it is sure that your motorcycle lifestyle will be more convenient and comfortable.

Let’s use it with extreme caution when using it, such as using a safety code for prevention of falling it!


Huh? which smartphone is the staff who wrote this article have been using? Off course, I have been using touring map only.


[List of introduced products can be found below]

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Click here for price and details of TANAX Motofizz Digital Case Mount Set MF-4702.

Click here for price and details of IMPACT waterproof smartphone holder


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