Customized modern YZF-R25 to transform into a retro styling!


It is already a great artwork.

“Is this the YAMAHA legend racer TZ!?”
It was the expression that I blurted out when looking at the customized motorcycle which was discreetly exhibited at the motorcycle apparel specialty shop that seems like a secret hideaway in Nishi Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo.

It made me confused as artwork for the motif of the legendary model “TZ”, by looking at the slim silhouette which composed of the rounded rocket cowl, and a squared-long tank and single seat. But by looking closely, it has a 4-stroke engine and safety component for the public road such as lights and the License Plate. After a while, I noticed that it was a customized motorcycle based on the YZF-R25, and it gave me an impact to that extent.

The Collaboration model with Japan x US

Actually, this vehicle is the retro customized machine made by “ROARS ORIGINAL”, who is the founder of this project, based on the YZF-R25 and using the fairing kit made by the design studio “GG Retrofitz”, which is the manufacturer of the motorcycle exterior kits in California, USA. ROARS ORIGINAL had been working on the overall concept and requested the GG Retrofits fairing kit and other parts assembly to the moto shop “Nine Gate” in Higashi Kurume City, Tokyo.

Creating the perfect customized machine that adult riders can be satisfied

To briefly introduce this machine, it is exchanged to the GG Retrofits fairing kit based on the conventional YZF-R25. The fairing kit is consists of an upper cowl, side cowl left and right, under-cowl, seat cowl, and other mounting brackets. By the way, this kit is only for the conventional YZF-R25 at the moment. In order to install this fairing kit, it requires a clip-on handlebar, mirror to fit in, and a tail tidy kit. Other than this, it’s been using a third party parts to visualize their unique concept.



In addition, Mr. TAKAHASHI, president of ROARS ORIGINAL, has strong feelings “If I will do it, I want to make a perfect customized machine that will satisfy adult riders”. So, it was changed the exhaust to the Y’S GEAR “PRUNUS” slip-on exhaust, and the front and rear suspensions were changed to fully adjustable KYB. In addition, the seat cover was changed to the special leather that was designed in consideration of the comfort, a hold feeling, and the foot grounding while fully utilizing the texture of the leather comfort. We are also committed to the headlights that make up the “face” of the motorcycle and use overseas-branded LEDs.


The finished colors and graphics originally designed by ROARS for this project are simply breathtaking work of art. The theme of its design is “a broken piece of glass”, a mixture of “tension” running through inorganic black to express the atmosphere of the city stylishly.





To express recent “retro” booming in own color


Interviewed Mr. Takahashi, the representative of Roars, about customized R25.

“We had exhibited the YAMAHA intercolor (yellow-black strobe line) machine of the 70’s Works Machine style made by GG Retrofits at the end of last year. It got good ratings, and many people from the twenties to sixties were interested in it. It seemed nostalgic for those who knew that time from the old days, and the rocket cowl form seemed to be fresh on the contrary for the young generation. Actually, even if they want a classic model, they can not buy it because it has a premium price, and even if getting that, there is another risk of breakdown. I think that’s true. If so, I thought “It is good when there is a motorcycle that has the reliability and running performance of the modern model and the atmosphere of the design coming from a vintage motorcycle”. I think people like that are increasing, that’s why there is a neo-classical boom now. Then, if we will make that, we should show up the unique character of our company, and it became like this (laughs). I wanted to betray the retro image in a good way.



The customized model has a retro style, but modern atmosphere, as Mr. Takahashi purpose. It is the hobby model for adult which matches with the cityscape.

Test ride review by Kenny Sagawa

The view through the windscreen is nice! The center of attraction is all yours!


The retro appearance that was motif a 1970’s road racer is stylish. The chic colors and graphics designed by ROARS ORIGINAL are bringing out an urbanized atmosphere. The body is conventional, but the riding position is leaning forward by having a clip-on handlebar, and it brings out the sportiness by narrowed handlebars angle. The view through the big round screen is retro, and it is really like an old racer machine. The real leather seat is making the high texture and soft sitting feeling, but it may be slippery if wearing jeans because it’s slightly slanted.



The FRP fairing kit has a high attaching accuracy without fluttering at high-speed cruise, and the seat cowl had a sense of rigidity when sitting on. The clearance is also very precise, and it can be seen that it is carefully fitted with respect to the based model.


I felt like I’m cutting the wind because the silhouette became slim, and swaying the body to right and left was also light because of the weight reduction with the fairing kit. The racy sound of Y’S GEAR muffler with a raise in the throttling makes feeling good.

The front and rear suspensions are fully adjustable KYB, its smooth operation is impressive, and the ride feeling is moderately bouncy and comfortable. The LED headlight, clip-on handlebar, mirrors, front and rear suspension, and etc. are adopted from aftermarket products. I think choosing aftermarket parts are correct from the point of view of the improvement of the quality matched to the atmosphere and the running performance of the machine. Moreover, you would be able to fully experience their value as a whole. If riding it in a downtown area, it will definitely stand out more than a luxury vehicle!

This fairing kit is for only the conventional YZF-R25, but if you dare to steadily make own special machine based on a used motorcycle, I think it is more enjoyable.

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