Kawasaki Z900RS 70’s Naked Style

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Today, we would like to introduce PMC’s customize motorcycle.
The Showa Era inspired custom parts are just a masterpiece of craftsmanship that you’ve completed with bending and welding pipes.
Furthermore, under the seat with emphasis on practicality that equipped with a tool case kit that secures sufficient utility space, it enables the loading of large sub-computers and anti-theft goods.
70’s Naked style that lightens the streets with a key-point custom.

2018 70’s Naked Style Specification Details
Performance & Dress Up Development / We will update the specification details at any time.
Exhaust Hand Bend Straight
Radiator Spin Wheel / Radiator Cap
Hex Core Protector
EARL’s Radiator Hose
Frame Truss Rod・Engine Mount (Cylinder Head & Cylinder)
Spin Wheel Plug Series (Front & Center & Pivot)
Truss Rod・Down Tube
Truss Rod・Short Pillion Footpeg
Swingarm Truss Rod ・Suspension Link
Front Fork Truss Rod・Front Fender Bracket
Rear Shock YSS MA456 (option: with Hydraulic Preload)
Front Wheel STD
Rear Wheel STD
Front Brake Billet Master Cylinder Cup
Rear Brake STD
Handlebar ZINGER・Carbon Tapered Handlebar
Selected Throttle Kit
Spindle Bar End
Footpeg STD
Exterior Truss Rod・Headlight Bracket
Stem Emblem Bracket
Tool Case Tail Tidy Kit
Electric KH Type Blinker
LED Blinker Bulb
High-performance IC Blinker Relay
Seat STD

Original Source[ PMC ]

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