New Yamaha YZF-R3 with the Monster Energy design on US Market


YAMAHA USA has announced the new release of 2020 MONSTER ENERGY YAMAHA MotoGP Edition YZF-R3 on the US market, which is colored with black-by-blue like the YZR-M1, which is the factory machine of the YAMAHA MotoGP factory team called “MONSTER ENERGY YAMAHA MotoGP”. Could it be expected the same coloring to the domestic YZF-R25/R3 already released in the JP market?

Have the Racing DNA of the world of “R” in your hands.

The reason why the YAMAHA factory machine YZR-M1 has changed its coloring from the former blue-based to the black-by-blue is to alter the main sponsor of the team to MONSTER ENERGY. The Race-Blue with the expression of YAMAHA Racing DNA is combined with the MONSTER ENERGY coloring with green scratch nail marks on the black-based body, which gives a cool impression to this machine. It would go without saying that a replica had been strongly expected on the market.

A few motorcycles with backbone frame and the YZF-R125 with the same coloring have been already released in the Asian market, also done the same for YZF-R125 in the European market.

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