Suzuki announces 2019 new model HAYABUSA in North America


Last October 2, 2018, Suzuki premiered the new KATANA at the press day of the German Intermot show as previously reported. On the other hand, 2019 models such as HAYABUSA were announced in North America.

HAYABUSA turned out to be continued in 2019

Suzuki’s Hayabusa, which have been rumored to have undergone a change of model in the past few years, have released the 2019 model in North America.There is no change in the mechanism, and it is seen in the photograph that the coloring is changed. In a recent article in this magazine, SUZUKI is switching to the forecast that the next HAYABUSA will be in 2020, which is the 100th anniversary of Suzuki’s founding, but it can be said that there will be no update of the 2019 model at least. In addition, in Japan and Europe, the regular sale of HAYABUSA has been suspended due to the Japanese Emission Regulation, but in Japan, motomap sells the Canadian specification in reverse imports, so it seems that the same sale can be expected in 2019.

[SUZUKI HAYABUSA 2019 model North America specification] The North American site does not list the coloring, so the name becomes unknown, but the silver system of the top photograph and the two colors of this Black are lined up. The main unit price in the United States is $14,799 (approximately 1.68 Million en), and the price has risen to $100 (approximately 11,300 yen) from 2018.

[SUZUKI HAYABUSA 2018 Canada specification reverse import tax included price: 1,764,000 yen, Color: black, white × red] It is almost the same as the United States because the body price of the 2018 model reverse import vehicle is 1,630,000 yen. In addition, it can be said that the reverse vehicle price of the 2019 model is also about the same because the price of the United States was almost side by side.

The 100th anniversary of Katana’s appearance, the Hayabusa is the decisive vehicle?!

Suzuki will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2020. Suzuki’s representative model is expected to celebrate this milestone, but it was thought that it would become a new-born Katana. However, the announcement was confirmed at ’19 as soon as possible. Then, it is the turn of the new Hayabusa to become the ’20 year’s Destiny.The current Hayabusa appeared in ’08 and already 10 years ago, and the current type is also not compatible with Euro 4.The’18 color change only model was released in the USA, Australia and other non-regulated regions. Japan domestic specification is officially end of production announcement…….When it comes to the new model, it is already a matter of time. At the owner’s meeting, President Suzuki also made a statement about the development of the new model.

The currently flow information is basically the current base and engine displacement to the Kawasaki ZX-14R lined with 1400㏄units raised to various electronic control will enhance and so will…….Among them, the semi-automatic system, which was patented last year, is also expected to be one of the highlights.As Suzuki’s brand alongside katana and GSX-R, the next leading role will be determined by the Falcon. * Young machine from the November 2018 issue (released on September 22)

[SUZUKI’s upcoming HAYABUSA forecast CG time: fall 2019] This CG was produced in the June 2018 issue (released on April 24). Although I presented all possible possibilities such as mounting of semi AT and N.A. and turbo, what will happen?

[Latest Trends] In July, logo marks of peregrine Hayabusa were filed in Europe and Japan

In the August issue, Katana’s logo was filed in Japan, the United States and Europe in March and April, but this time, the Hayabusa logo was applied for a trademark in July. The use is the same as the time of the Katana key chain and stickers, apparel products, and the like. By the way, similar trademarks have already been applied in the United States and are still valid. In the case of Katana, there were movements such as the announcement of the publication at the Intermot show afterwards, but it seems that the Hayabusa can expect some action. *Young machine from the November 2018 issue (Released on September 22)

It is not a trademark of the vehicle, but rather for the surrounding goods. It is unknown whether it is related to the future development, but it seems to be able to expect.

Original Source[ Young Machine ] (*Japanese)

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