Super Head+R Bore & Stroke Up Kit 124cc

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HONDA APE50 (AC16-1000001-1599999)
HONDA XR50 MOTARD (AD14-1000001-)

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Bore Diameter: 57mm
Stroke Volume: 48.5mm
Engine Displacement: 124cc
Compression Ratio:12.5: 1
Included Camshaft: SR-25

■Super head+R
Large bore size Valve and Smooth intake / exhaust port make Superhead which enables high power output (Stage3) It is a High performanceCylinder head which also has higher output and durability by adopting the well-established Roller rocker arm and the new structure Oil line.
Port diameter
Intake : 29mm / Exhaust : D type port
Valve diameter
Intake : 28. 5mm / Exhaust : 23. 5mm
Valve stem shaft : Both Intake and Exhaust 4. 5mm
Valve Spring : Adopted Double Spring of InnerSpring and OuterSpring

Roller rocker arm adopted
SP adopted by SP Takekawa MONKEY engine for Super head + R adopted Roller rocker arm which was established in vertical engine, while drawing the output performance of Super head to the maximum Large limit, output of medium and high speed range and features of Roller rocker arm It was also possible to maintain output in the high revolution range.
Roller rocker arm is Slippers formula Locker Arm (OEM Parts NumberType) Reduce the frictional resistance with Camshaft which occurs in Locker Arm and follow CamProfile to Smooth from low rotation to high rotation by Roller bearing built in Locker Arm.
The weight added by adopting Roller bearing overcame the weight increase by making Locker Arm Body made of Aluminum forged.

SteelValve spring retainer
M8Spark plug adopted
Smaller the wall pressure between the plug hole and the port due to the large diameter of the port diameter by adopting the large diameter valve, we adopted the M8 Spark plug and secured adequate wall pressure. By this, it is possible to prevent deterioration of output performance and damage due to thermal deformation of Cylinder head, and stable output is possible.

Hollow Camshaft with OilJet
We set up Oil line at CamshaftCenter and guide Oil to Camshaft Sprocket. As a result, Oil scatters Osil from the inside of Camshaft Chain with Centrifugal force from Camshaft SprocketCenter, enhancing durability and lubrication effect of Camshaft Chain. Also, because OilJet passage is provided on the CamshaftCam surface, Oil can be sprayed from the Cam surface, effectively cooling and lubricating.
Camshaft Body adopts support at both ends Ball bearing, Oil journal (OEM Parts NumberType) Reduce the frictional resistance that occurs.
Also, by adopting the Oil passage, we reduced the weight of Camshaft Body to Large width.
Camshaft SR-25 / SR-30 / There are three different types of Profile of SR-35, and it can be exchanged according to the intended use.

Camshaft holder with Oil line
By connecting the Oil line structure to the Camshaft holder, we can connect with the Oil line in the Cylinder head to enable the lubrication of the details of the Oil. In addition, we have secured a passage to guide Oil to the hollow Camshaft with OilJet and support lubrication to Camshaft and Camshaft Chain.

■Cylinder / Piston
Ceramic plating cylinder
Ceramic plating cylinder made of All aluminum excellent in durability, airtightness and heat dissipation.
Cylinder has an Oil outlet as standard equipment. Also, since it is possible to install Stick Temperature Sensor, you can measure the temperature of Cylinder.
Stick Temperature Sensor adopted Meter

Aluminum cast Piston is adopted, and Piston skirt part is subjected to Molybdenum Coat in order to improve initial familiarity.

■Long stroke crankshaft
Aimed at the optimum Crankshaft's Weight Balance for Stroke quantity, designed high performance Crankshaft. By adopting Crankshaft, Bearing which was made with high precision, we realized low vibration and dramatically improved the motion performance of Crankshaft. In addition, Shaft of Flywheel part is subjected to special surface treatment to improve fatigue resistance and galling resistance.

*It is not installable to the APE50 (FI) (AC16-1600001-/AC18-1000001-).
*To insert the 124cc, it requires boring of the crankcase.
* If there may be an instruction manual included, it will be written in Japanese.

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