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Wind Armor NK Screen

 Part Number : 522-380-1000
Price: 14,346.95 INR (25,000 yen)
Earn Webike Point: 250pt (1%)
Shopping information
In stock at Webike: Only 2 left.
If ordered within 9 hours 25 minutes.
Shipping date: 2018-01-20 Sat JST

YAMAHA MT-09 14-

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Color: Graphite Black
Material: Polycarbonate Plastic
Surface Treatment: Hard Coat Processing
Size: Width 272mm x Height 353mm
Thickness: 2mm
Weight: Screen Body 210g, Included Parts 316g
Made in Japan
with Mounting Bracket (Cerakote Surface Treatment)
Compact and Stylish Wind Screen "WIND ARMOR" (WIND ARMOR).
function · Design · What keeps sticking to Material is exhaust system and other "Making things" Common to "YOSHIMURASpirits" Because there is.
The scenery beyond that road was filled with our passion and soul "WIND ARMOR" With...

· Excellent rectification effect is demonstrated by 3-dimensional Forme considering Aerodynamics. Large contributes to Rider's fatigue alleviation.
· Combination between rigid Screen and Exclusive Bracket ensures stable deflection with less deflection even at high speeds.
· Verification is carried out not only by numerical analysis but also by actual running test "Bodily sensation effect" It is also the pursuit Screen.

· Aeroforme which further highlights Sporty's design.
· Considering the sense of unity with Machine, focusing on Forme and Balance from the top of the Front mask.
· I will produce a powerful Front mask without hindering Large viewing.
· Graphite black gives Cool impression while suppressing reflection of the road surface.
In Windshield Body "YOSHIMURAWIND ARMOR" Logo as Laser marking.

[Material · quality】
· Material is Polycarbonate resin. It is a material with high transparency enough to be adopted for optical applications.
Windshield's thickness is mainly 3 mm or more, including OEM Product, but YOSHIMURAWIND Armor achieves 2 mm in thickness with advanced molding technology. By doing so, keep distortion to the minimum Small limit [Color] Large contributes to the clear field of view.
· In order to increase the surface hardness, hard court processed with Acrylic as the main raw material on both sides of Screen. There is an effect of reduction of Wound and strength UP.
· The included Bracket is durable SeraCoatPainted.
· WIND ARMOR private Case included.

【Polycarbonate resin】
Acrylic Material excellent in production efficiency : Among many plastic screens, Yoshimura Japan is daringly adopting Polycarbonate resin, which is hard to change in temperature during molding process.
What is the reason · ·

(1) High safety
(2) Less distortion [Color] Clear view
(3) Smooth and beautiful surface formation possible

● High safety
Polycarbonate resin is resistant to shocks and is superior in flexibility, so it is a material that is hard to crack easily in Large.
Even in the event of falls, etc., the secondary damage to the Rider exerted by Screen fragments will be kept to the smallest limit.
Yoshimura's material selection is an important point for safety considerations.

● Low distortion [Color] Clear view
By advanced molding process technology, strain is kept to the minimum Small limit.
The field of view seen through the screen is natural without distortion due to distortion [Color] You can secure a clear view.

● Smooth and beautiful surface formation possible
Less occurrence of distortion at molding, finished in a smooth and beautiful Screen as it looks.
*Please note that the ignition key is slightly difficult to rotate because we prioritize the screen rectification effect and the meter position.
*The product on the photo is a prototype.
* If there may be an instruction manual included, it will be written in Japanese.
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    Wind Armor NK Screen YOSHIMURA
    Fits: YAMAHA MT-09 14-
    • YAMAHA MT-09 14-

    Yoshimura wind armor

    Posted Feb 13, 2017
    By ttw (2)FromMalaysia

    As always,webike did a great job on shipping.fast and accurate.i choose yoshimura wind armor mainly beacuse i can relocate the meter to the centre and it make it easier for me to read the rpm when im sitting up right.the build quality are awesome,thin polycarbonate but it works,Tested on the freeway At 220kmh ,the wind dont pull as hard as 160kmh ...

    Wind Armor NK Screen YOSHIMURA
    Fits: YAMAHA MT-09 14-
    • YAMAHA MT-09 14-


    Posted Oct 18, 2017

    It was somewhat difficult to install, and I got a Motorcycle shop to drill and install. Yoshimura's products are strong and durable and satisfied with performance on general roads. However, I did not feel much effect at high speed.

    Wind Armor NK Screen YOSHIMURA
    Fits: YAMAHA MT-09 14-
    • YAMAHA MT-09 14-


    Posted Sep 12, 2017

    Making is solid, I thought YOSHIMURA as expected.Gleaming Logo is cool.Although it is designed to remove OEM's Cover at the time of installation, installation was possible as it was.

    Wind Armor NK Screen YOSHIMURA
    Fits: YAMAHA MT-09 14-
    • YAMAHA MT-09 14-

    I was using MRA's Screen, but since the Front surroundings seems to be Large, I was looking for something good and I reached YOSHIMURA.I thought that I had a firm effect on my mind.I also feel that Style is also tightening and I like it.

    Wind Armor NK Screen YOSHIMURA
    Fits: YAMAHA MT-09 14-
    • YAMAHA MT-09 14-

    I compared it with other products and OEM Product, but again I decided on the shape and attached Style I saw at YOSHIMURA Site. Personally it is nearly perfect but price was fine so I was worried but it was Large correct answer.Installation also requires two holes drilling but since there is written in the accompanying Instruction Manual, there was...

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