【DAYTONA】USB Extension Cable

    • Evaluation:

Gold is a waste.

  • Contributors: Japan User(translated)
  • Published on: 2018-02-11 16:27:22
It seems convenient for Curl DOCODE, but when I actually used it, it was a completely bad product. First of all, although the length is written as 1 m, if you have attached a USB port around Handlebar (I think that it is common) If it is, it will not reach the bottom of Jacket. Strictly speaking, there is not never arriving, but here is the second problem, a design mistake related to the connection is a problem. Because the USB connection is designed with the same way of thinking as ordinary IT equipment or less, it will come out quickly and come off. I knew that a tensile force would be added at the time of using the Curl DOCode, but did not you think of a mechanism to lock this?


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