【PMC】PMC Swing Arm Blow-by System Kit for 1981-84 J Series Model

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Swivel Seal End (Blue/Red)
Included Parts: Blow-by Bolt See More

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Swivel Seal End (Blue/Red)
Included Parts: Blow-by Bolt


S1-Type - Special blow-by system that was specially designed dedicated for monocoque square swing arm.
●In addition to the hose from engine side blow-by part to swing arm catch tank, it is consisted of the total of two hoses from catch tank part to tail cowl part of the rear of vehicle body.
● Hoses, fitting related products are made by remarkably reliable Earl's of United States.
● The blow-by bolt or an adapter required for fitting from the engine blow-by parts has been included.


*It requires to tap M14-PC1.50 to blow cover because it is connected to the engine side blowby part with the M14 metric union.
*In the case of installation on Z1000/1100J/R/GP, it requires to change the mounting of the battery case or the regulator mounting position due to the spacing relationship.


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