【PMC】Side Cover Set

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Material: FRP


FRP is a familiar word that is called Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) and features high durability with light weight and high strength. Its strength is obviously different from ABS plastic used in genuine products. The reliability of FRP durability is needless to say, as considering the high demand such as in ships that are resistant of constant strong impact and in tanks receiving high pressure. But, even though FRP has such high quality, it is difficult to achieve the original high strength for the skilled craftsman to securely remove bubbles and paste and overlap glass fibers one by one, while calculating the strength. Lineup of reliable gem to fully meet its expectations of "FRP is strong" .

● Reinforced type to strengthen the surface between the vicinity of the centre bolt under the side cover of and the tank. Of course, the appearance is completely the same as the standard.


* For PMC products, some modification may be required depending on the difference of body (Such as aging change and difference of body when manufacturing ) .Please note that it may differ from product defect.
* When the products need orders or manufacturer is out of stock, it may take some time to deliver the products. In case of the above, we will guide the situation after you order.
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Applicable Models

    • GPZ900R


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