【SHOEI】Z-7 (RF-1200) [Matte Black] Helmet

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•Motorcycle Helmet
[Color] Matte Black
Structure: AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix)
Standard: JIS Standard
[Included Parts]
Cloth Bag
Breath Guard F
Chin Curtain D
Silicon Oil
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•Motorcycle Helmet
[Color] Matte Black
Structure: AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix)
Standard: JIS Standard
[Included Parts]
Cloth Bag
Breath Guard F
Chin Curtain D
Silicon Oil


Lightweight and compact Forme evolved new ZSeries

Speak Small Small.
Shield system and all others have been renovated and reborn, new "ZSeries".
A series of concepts, Lightweight, further evolving the Compact form, Aeroforme full of dynamism, a highly efficient Ventilation system, Interior decorated with comfortable wearing comfort that enhances quietness, all of them create a new Pure sportsFull face.
Z - 7 opens the world of new Sports riding.
Main Performance
■ Sai Tray System
System which introduces the air blown up inside the shield into the inside of the Eye Port from the upper end.
It is effective for the rectification effect inside the shield, removal and prevention of fogging.

■ Air stabilizer
Helmet Attach to the occipital region, prepare the flow of the wind in the rear.
It also has an Air outlet effect.

■ QR-E
Shield system corresponding to CWR - 1, CWR - FShield.
Shield opens and closes with Double action, and it shows high tightness when fully closed.
Adjustment Dial allows fine adjustment of Shield.

■ Air Tight Sea Ring
Mad Rubber with Curl shape.
Excellent adhesion and durability, to prevent the entry of wind and water from the gap.

■ Interior full desorption
It is possible to remove laundry and fine adjustment of Size by removing all the interior.
EmergencyConcept * correspondence.
* Emergency Concept:In case you encounter Rider by accident, it means that it is a detachable interior that allows a third party to easily detach part of the interior and take off the Helmet without applying a large force on the neck .
E .Q .R. S. Teab Pad is equipped with Tab etc. to make this system even easier.

■ Ear Pad
Removable Pad worn on Year Space.
The ears Space can be adjusted according to your preference.

■ 3D Full SupportInner IV
Designed three-dimensional molded pad according to the shape of the head more.
It creates a wrapped feeling of Fit and reliable Hold performance.

By easily removing Teak Pad, it is possible to easily remove Helmet while minimizing the burden on the neck with a high possibility of injury to the smallest limit.

Lightweight MODEL
Using a multi-layered structure of several advanced Materials and Fiberglass, we used a cap that realized a light but high rigidity.

■ AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix)
Based on tough Glass fiber, composite layered organic fiber made into 3 dimensional shape in advance.
SHOEI's own Shell structure which made it possible to reduce weight while ensuring high rigidity.

Water absorbing fast drying fiber
Adopt special fiber born from state-of-the-art technology.
With amazing moisture absorbing performance, it absorbs sweat and water vapor on the fiber surface quickly, and it quickly releases moisture by Ventilation effect.

Composite lamination of organic fiber made into 3 dimensional shape in advance based on tough Glass fiber.Shell structure unique to SHOEI which made it possible to reduce weight while ensuring high rigidity.
Major features
One ideal form of Helmet, "Light and Small" Shape
It is one of ZSeries' concepts "Compact" Fruit with Aeroforme full of dynamism In Z - 7 we added a dedicated Shell below S Size and made MinimumSize a further Small, making it a Shell configuration of all 4 Size.
In addition, we further reduced the weight of each of the constituent parts, achieved the ultimate weight saving as SportsFull face, realized the ideal Compact & Lightweight.


A refined Aeroforme that combines design and functionality
Large Speed ​​up and run High speedRiding.
Helmet will also be united with Rider · Machine and will push forward to the wall of Large mind.
Helmet's aerodynamic performance directly affects the burden on Rider's neck, especially at high speeds.
SHOEI shapes Shell design into a more reliable and practical Aeroforme by repeatedly verifying it with Large type wind tunnel experiment equipment.

Z-7 Aerodynamic performance
SHOEI company Contrast with conventional MODEL Z-6.DRAG (Force pushed behind) At 5%, LIFT (Power to rise) Improve 1% aerodynamic performance.
* Comparison of reference values ​​measured at our Large wind tunnel experiment facility

You can feel like Riding for a long time "Quietness = comfortable"
The burden imposed on the Rider in long-term high-speed driving is not limited to wind pressure by any wind.
Helmet wind noise that enters the inside sharply reduces the concentration power of Rider and it surely accumulates as fatigue when it reaches a long time.
First of all, the occurrence of wind noise is suppressed to the smallest limit, such as the Shield system which improved the airtightness together with Aeroforme, and the generated wind noise is also prevented by the interior system which increased adhesion, preventing the sound from entering.
Furthermore, by installing a detachable Ear Pad on the ear space inside the Helmet, we realized reduction of the wind noise of the Large width.
From the sound generation to the invasion, the double triple measures against the sound greatly suppresses the fatigue of Rider who enjoys Riding for a long time.

WIN de-beading which improves the flexibility and the adhesion with the shield has been improved by making the Rip shape of the upper side and the side independent, By preventing adhesion, it prevents the wind noise from being generated due to air leakage during traveling.
Equipped with a detachable Ear Pad that prevents wind noise from entering, the resin Plate of Ear Space, which removed the pad, is subjected to Punching processing to achieve the effect of preventing the internal sound from reverberating.
Comparison of wind noise in environment equivalent to 100 km/h running
Contrast the wind noise of Z-7 with reference to MODEL Z-6.
It can be seen that wind noise is suppressed in Z - 7 than in Z - 6 in all frequency ranges.
* Comparison of reference values ​​measured at our Large wind tunnel experiment facility

Shield system

Newly developed CWR - 1 Shield.
In addition to PINLOCK® compliance, as well as Rib corresponding to the thickness of PINLOCK® EVO lens at the top and bottom, enhancing the mountability of the Seat and enhancing the overall rigidity of the Shield.
Naturally [Color] CWR-1 Shield securing a clear view
Newly developed "CWR-1 Shield" Rather than letting the entire Shield have a single curvature or thickness, by optimizing the curvature and thickness according to the part, it is possible to enhance the optical characteristics and thoroughly suppress the distortion, [Color] In addition, it provides a clear view, further Rib at the upper and lower ends of the Shield to increase the rigidity of the Shield itself, eliminate deflection of the Shield due to wind pressure and twisting at opening and closing As well as sealing performance at high speed and operation feeling of Shield opening/closing We achieved high quality.

PINLOCK® EVO lens to prevent clouds in Shield

Preventing shields from cloudy at low temperatures or during rainfall is an essential condition for comfortable riding.
Z-7 uses PINLOCK® EVO lens as standard equipment to prevent fogging of the shield.
Cover almost all of the field of vision, PINLOCK® EVO lens reduces cloudiness and ensures a comfortable view with every Condition.

CWR-1 for Shield PINLOCK® View of EVO lens
CWR-1シールド用PINLOCK(R) EVO lensの視界
Seaw defers the wide range of Shield Cover.
* The picture is Image.
CWR-1Shield+ PINLOCK® EVO lens
CWR-1シールド+ PINLOCK(R) EVO lens

Further evolved Shield opening and closing system

The Shield system ensures high sealing performance with easy and reliable attachment and detachment and a variable axis Double action mechanism, and in the Z - 7 it has redesigned everything with the new Shield.
By reviewing the Spring rate of Shield base, we improved Shield's moderate Smooth opening and closing and the closeness when fully closed to Large width, and when Shield is fully closed, Hook of Reverse side of ShieldKnob moves to Shell side It keeps high tightness by preventing unexpected opening due to wind pressure during running and movement of Shield.

Shield Shield lock mechanism attached to the Knob part at the lower end of the Shield Hold the Shield accurately when fully closed.
By turning Dial, Shield base makes Slide.Shield adhesion to 5 levels Quantity:Pair (for Left and Right) Even fine adjustment is possible with the width of the largest Large 1mm.

Comfortable Fitting and reliable Hold performance produces high quality Riding
Comfortable wearing comfort indispensable for comfortable riding.It creates them are interior systems newly adopted in Z-7.
When attaching and detaching Helmet, it may feel tight by the shape and rigidity of the bottom edge of Shell.
In Z - 7, Teak Pad integrated with ShellSIDE 's Cutline, which is characteristic, softens the feeling of cramping when spreading Shell by attaching and detaching Helmet and enhances the neck movement around the neck when confirming backwards Teak Pad also made a feeling of volume at the bottom, Tek Pad gently supports the cheek from the bottom with adoption of the 3D shape Urethane pad, soft feeling to follow the neck, while making a comfortable Fit feeling, It prevents intrusion.
Center pad adopts 3D Full SupportInnerTYPE IV. When attaching and detaching, a brushed Material with a soft feeling is applied to the surface on which the skin comes into contact, while parts wished to effectively absorb perspiration when wearing are highly advanced in moisture absorption and moisture performance By adopting Material in Hybrid, we were able to combine soft comfort and comfort during wearing.We also used partially Red Mesh Material as Accent and Color:I express Sporty atmosphere with Gray & Red.

A soft brushed Material is applied to the part where Large is frictional to the skin at the time of detachment and attachment and detachment, whereas absorption of sweat is required, high moisture absorptive and desorptive Nylon Material made by Toray, quup (CUP) Adopted.
Due to the characteristic lower end Cutline, ease of attachment and detachment and ease of cramping are alleviated.
In addition to achieving a smooth skin feeling with moisture absorption and releasing properties about twice as much as conventional Nylon, it also has contact cold sensibility by blending special inorganic particles with high thermal conductivity in NylonPolymer.
* quup is Toray (stock) It is a registered trademark of.

Ventilation system
Feel the wind, the cooler the more you run
Frontal center and upper Quantity:Pair (for Left and Right) Introducing the running wind to the straight from the three Intake Halls equipped in the Liner Structure The Air Intake structure demonstrates a high Ventilation effect that allows the Rider to experience the wind even in the Helmet. Furthermore, the Air outlet which combines the Spoiler effect effectively discharges hot air from the four inside Outlet holes provided inside together with the stability of Helmet at high speed.

ベンチレーションシステム01 ベンチレーションシステム02


It is hard task for the third party to remove Rider 's Helmet in case of emergency.
In the Z - 7, Teak Pad is equipped with a Tab dedicated so that the rescuer can pull out Teak Pad by pulling this Tab and it is possible to easily remove the Helmet by eliminating cheek Hold.
* Normally, do not use EQRS when removing Teak Pad for the purpose such as Maintenance.

E.Q.R.S.01 E.Q.R.S.01
Pull out the red Ribbon with your fingers.

Introduction video of Z-7 is here ↓ ↓


*The included part are different fro, the existing product, and it does not shipped maintenance kit to Z-7.In addition, it is the cotton swab or paper towel of maintenance kit because it is available and with regards to the water-repellent product, it is manufacturer`s shipped discontinued product because it is sold as other brand product.


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