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Z-7 (RF-1200) [Matte Black] Helmet
Manufacturer: SHOEI
MRP: ₹ 38,053
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Product Description

Disclaimer: The Product description has been translated from Japanese and may be slightly different than the actual product description.
It is a lightweight and compact form evolved into a new Z series

It is light.
It is small.
It is a new "Z series" that has been reborn and reborn everything including the shield system.
It is a concept of the series, further evolving the lightweight and compact form, a dynamic aero form, a highly efficient ventilation system, interior decoration that enhances quietness and a comfortable wearing comfort, all of which create a new pure sports Full Face.
It is Z-7 opens a new world of sport riding.
Main Performance
•Site Configuration System
It introduces the air blown up inside the shield to the inside from the upper end of the eye port.
It is effective for the rectification effect in the shield, removal of fogging and prevention.

•Air Stabilizer
It attaches to the back of the helmet and arranges the flow of the wind in the rear.
It also has an air outlet effect as well.

Shield system compatible with CWR-1, CWR-F shield.
The shield opens and closes with double action, and it shows high tightness when fully closed.
Also, fine adjustment of the shield is possible by adjustment dial.

•Air Tight Sealing
It is a mad rubber with a curled shape.
It is excellent in adhesion and durability, and prevents wind and water from entering through the gap.

•Interior Full Desorption
It is possible to remove all interior and fine adjustment of washing and size.
It corresponds to the emergency concept.
*Emergency concept: In the event that a rider encounters an accident, it means that it is a detachable interior that allows a third party to easily detach part of the interior and take off the helmet without applying a large force to the neck.
It is equipped with tabs in the teak pad to make this system even easier in E.Q.R.S.

•Ear Pad
It is a removable pad attached to the ear space.
It is possible to adjust the ear space according to your preference.

•3D Full Support Inner IV
It is designed to match the shape of the 3-dimensional molding pad to the shape of the head more.
It creates a wrap-around fit and a reliable hold performance.

It is a system that can easily remove the helmet while easily removing the cheek pad, while minimizing the burden on the neck which is likely to be injured.

•Lightweight Model
It is a composite layered structure of several advanced materials and fiberglass, using a cap that achieved a light but high rigidity.

•AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix)
It is based on tough glass fiber, a composite layered organic fiber made into three dimensional shape beforehand.
It is SHOEI's unique shell structure, which made it possible to reduce weight while ensuring high rigidity.

•Water Absorbing Fast Drying Fiber
It adopts special fiber born from state-of-the-art technology.
It is amazing moisture absorbing performance, it absorbs sweat and water vapor on the fiber surface quickly, and it quickly releases moisture by ventilation effect.

It is based on tough glass fiber, a composite layered organic fiber into three-dimensional shape beforehand. It is SHOEI's unique shell structure, which made it possible to reduce weight while ensuring high rigidity.
Main Features
Compact & Lightweight
It shapes one ideal form of a helmet, "light and small"
It culminated in an aerofoam full of dynamism with "compact" which is one of the Z series concepts. In the Z-7, it added a shell exclusive to S size or less, minimize the minimum size, and made the shell configuration of all 4 sizes.
In addition, it further reduced the weight of each of the parts to make, achieving ultimate weight saving as a sports full face, achieving the ideal Compact & Lightweight.


Aero Foam
It is a sophisticated aerofoam that combines design and functionality
It is a high-speed riding that splits the atmosphere and runs.
Its how the helmet will be united with the rider machine and will push forward into the wall of the atmosphere.
The aerodynamic performance of the helmet has a direct influence on the burden on the rider's neck especially at high speeds.
It is shaping into a more reliable and practical aerofoam by repeatedly verifying the shell design at SHOEI with a large wind tunnel experimental facility.

Z-7 Aerodynamic Performance
It contrasts with SHOEI's traditional model Z-6. Aerodynamic performance improved by 5% by DRAG (force pushing behind) and 1% by LIFT (power to rise).
*Its comparison of reference values measured at our large wind tunnel experiment facility

It can be achieved as long as riding "calmness = comfortable"
It is not only the wind pressure caused by wind as much as the burden imposed on riders at high speed for a long time.
It breaks down the concentrating power of the rider and wind noise that enters inside the helmet surely accumulates as fatigue when it reaches a long time.
It minimizes the occurrence itself of the wind noise first, such as a shield system with enhanced hermeticity with the aero form, and also prevents the intrusion of sound by the interior system which raised the adhesion of the generated wind noise as well.
Furthermore, by installing a detachable ear pad in the ear space inside the helmet, it achieved a significant wind noise reduction.
From the occurrence of sound to invasion, the double triple measure against sound, significantly reduces the fatigue of the rider enjoying the long riding.

Window beading improves flexibility by improving the lip shape of the upper side and the side to improve the adhesion to the shield. By enhancing adhesion, it prevents wind noise from occurring due to leakage of air during traveling.
It is fitted with removable ear pads to prevent wind invasion from entering the ear spaces. Punching processing is applied to the plastic plate of the ear space from which the pad is removed to achieve the effect of preventing the internal sound from reverberating.
It is in an environment equivalent to 100km/h running comparison of wind noise
It compared the wind noise of Z-7 based on the conventional model Z-6.
It can be seen that wind noise is suppressed in Z-7 compared to Z-6 in all frequency ranges.
*Its comparison of reference values measured at our large wind tunnel experiment facility

Shield System

Newly developed CWR-1 shield.
It has a rev corresponding to the thickness of PINLOCK® EVO lens at the top and bottom as well as PINLOCK® it increases the rigidity of the entire shield as well as enhancing the seat mountability.
It secures naturally clear visibility CWR-1 shield
The newly developed "CWR-1 shield" does not have a single curvature and thickness for the entire shield, but optimizes the curvature and thickness according to the part, thereby enhancing the optical characteristics and making the distortion thorough by providing suppression to it, it provides natural and clear visibility. Furthermore, rev is provided at the upper and lower ends of the shield to increase the rigidity of the shield itself, eliminating deflection of the shield due to wind pressure and kink at opening and closing. It also achieved high quality in terms of airtightness at high speeds and operational feeling of shielding opening and closing.

It is an essential condition for comfortable riding to prevent fogging of the shield caused at low temperature or rain.
In Z-7, it is equipped with PINLOCK® EVO lens which prevents fogging of the shield as STD.
It covers almost all of the field of vision, PINLOCK® EVO lens suppresses cloudiness and ensures comfortable visibility in all conditions.

CWR-1 for shielding PINLOCK® view of EVO lens
CWR-1シールド用PINLOCK(R) EVO lensの視界
It covers a wide range of shields with anti-fog sheets.
*The photo is for reference only.
CWR-1 Shield + PINLOCK® EVO lens
CWR-1シールド + PINLOCK(R) EVO lens

Further evolved shield opening and closing system

It also features a simple and reliable attachment and detachment, and a shield system that secures high airtightness with a variable shaft double action mechanism, the Z-7 redesigned everything with the new shield.
By reviewing the spring rate of the shield base, it has improved moderately smooth opening and closing of the shield and close adhesion at the time of full closure. Also, when the shield is fully closed, the hook on the back side of the shield knob part is locked on the shell side, preventing unexpected opening due to wind pressure during driving and shielding movement and maintaining high tightness.

It is a shield locking mechanism that is attached to the knob part at the lower end of the shield. It holds the shield accurately when fully closed.
By turning the dial, the shield base slides to 5 stages. It is possible to fine-tune shield adhesion with width of up to 1mm on both sides.

It is a pleasant fitting and a certain hold performance produces a high-quality riding
It is comfortable wearing essential for comfortable riding. It is the interior system newly adopted by Z-7 that creates them.
It felt by the shape and rigidity of the lower end of the shell. when attaching/removing a helmet
It is a cheek pad integrated with a characteristic shell side cut line in Z-7 to ease the feeling of cramping when spreading the shell by attaching and detaching the helmet and also improving the mobility around the neck increased.
Center pad adopted 3D full support inner type TYPE IV. At the time of attaching and detaching, the brushed material of soft touch is applied to the surface to be in contact with the skin, by adopting advanced materials with high moisture absorbing and releasing performance in the hybrid in the part where you want to quickly absorb sweat effectively when wearing, soft comfort at the time of wearing and comfort at the time of wear were both achieved. In addition, it used the red mesh material as an accent partially and expressed the sporty atmosphere with gray & red.

It adopts a soft brushed material for the part where friction is large to the skin at the time of detachment and attachment and detachment, and high absorption and release moisture nylon material made by Toray, QUUP (cup) is adopted at the place where absorption of sweat is required.
It has a distinctive lower cut line, making it easier to remove and ease cramped feeling.
It achieved a moist skin condition with moisture absorbing and releasing properties about twice that of nylon and also has to contact cold sensation by blending special inorganic particles with high thermal conductivity in the nylon polymer.
*QUUP is a registered trademark of Toray Industries, Inc.

Ventilation System
It feels like the wind, the cooler it feels
The air intake structure which straightly introduces traveling wind from the center of the forehead to the inside of the liner from the three intake halls equipped on the left and right on the upper side allows the rider to experience the wind even in the helmet , High ventilation effect is demonstrated. Furthermore, the air outlet which combines the spoiler effect effectively discharges hot air from the four outlet holes provided inside together with the stability of the helmet at high speed.

ベンチレーションシステム01 ベンチレーションシステム02


It is a very difficult task for a third party to remove the rider's helmet in case of emergency.
In Z-7, a special tab is attached to the cheek pad. The rescuer can pull out the cheek pad by pulling on this tab and you can easily remove the helmet by eliminating hold on the cheek.
*Normally, please do not use E.Q.R. S. when removing the cheek pad for maintenance or other purposes.

E.Q.R.S.01 E.Q.R.S.01
It pulled out over a finger on the red ribbon.

Click here for the Introduction Video of Z-7↓↓

*The included part are different fro, the existing product, and it does not shipped maintenance kit to Z-7.In addition, it is the cotton swab or paper towel of maintenance kit because it is available and with regards to the water-repellent product, it is manufacturer`s shipped discontinued product because it is sold as other brand product.


•Motorcycle Helmet
[Color] Matte Black
Structure: AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix)
Standard: JIS Standard
[Included Parts]
Cloth Bag
Breath Guard F
Chin Curtain D
Silicon Oil

very good!

For Off-RoadFull It is a replacement from face.
Head swaying at high speed was a considerable Stress, so I bought Z7 this time.

I especially liked the lightness. Fit feeling is also good, Wind Cutting sound is quiet enough not to compare to now. I think the burden on the neck will be much easier.

- By Japan User(translated)


Safety and function

Before purchasing, Jet helmet was comfortable, but long distance Touring was exhausted with Wind Cutting sound.
However, since I had an impression that Full face was heavy, I was hesitant to purchase, but I did not feel the weight when I touched it.
With Winding on mountain paths Helmet does not get gapped, you can ride comfortably.
I think that it was good to purchase.

- By Japan User(translated)


Good things have less dissatisfaction

Until recently I used OGK's Helmet.
Unlike SHOEI and Arai, I bought it because the price is cheap, but when I use it for a year too many dissatisfied parts, this time I took this Z-7 drone.

Results I am very satisfied..

【Fit feeling】
Since OGK was XL, I made it to XL. It was perfect so there was no problem.
Because of new goods Cheek Pad has a tough feeling, but I think that I will be coming a little after a while, so I will put up with it until then.

【quality - Texture;
It may be cruel to compare with OGK, but it is completely different.
Also the interior - The exterior also has a different Level.

【Performance - function】
I do not run at high speed, but it is still quiet..
Also, I was very happy that there is a Speaker installation place.
It is good because it can fit in a perfect place without adjusting the position ♪

It is this Matte Black I bought, but dirt and scratches may be more conspicuous than I imagined.
However, I am putting up thinking that it is useless outside because it is usable.

I thought that it was hot because it was Black
No such thing at all, it is more comfortable than I imagined.
Also, unlike Helmet I have used so far, I do not know if the amount of air entered is large, but I am glad that my hair will not become sticky and sticky with sweat even in the hot weather over 31 degrees.

【Cost performance】
Compared to OGK, there is a price difference of nearly 20,000 yen, so it can not be said that Cost performance is high, but when you try it, I was satisfied because there is quality and function that you can feel the price difference.

I used SHOEI's Helmet for the first time in 20 years, but satisfaction is still high.
Looking at this lightness and functionality, I realize that the description has advanced a lot in the past 20 years (^ ^ ゞ

- By Japan User(translated)


Overall good

It is a replacement from Z-4. I was worried about oil stains and insect's body fluids because Matte Black, so it was totally Large durable.
In XL, the hat body is small, it is light, has a good feeling of fit, and the ventilation is also good. Wind Cutting I think that the sound is quiet.

Two things to worry about.

Occipital Ventilation is Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Slide it to open and close it, but since the hole is not directly visible, I have not written anything in particular, so I do not know which is opened and which is closed. Well you can try both.

The other was meant to wash the interior considerably carefully, but after drying it was attached to the hat body, the interior of the back of the ear was sharp angled with a little bouncing Habit, attached Helmet to I got to catch it whenever I wear it. It is a good story if you wash your interior when you wash it up, but I think that if you have a little more Hook to install the interior, it will be firm. Or I want Spare's interior to be cheaper.

But even if I say it somewhat, I think I will probably buy this Series again.

- By Japan User(translated)


Ideal Helmet

I replaced it from Helmet made in China. It is surprisingly lighter than other Helmet
I do not think I picked up a box that I got home "Light!" I told you lol
I think that Design is very Parenthesis in Matte Black.
Although it may be thought that it is plain in some people, I think that the car body is also Matte Black so it is just right.
I bought it at Sale so I think Cost performance is good. Point has also returned for 5000 yen.
Just a feeling of Fit feels a little tight The head is 59 cm so L is Just size,
I felt the scalp pulsating when I wore it for a long time (It's pretty dangerous, is not it?... )
I would like to find a shop that will do Fitting

- By Japan User(translated)