【AIRFLAPS】Anti-fog vision system Airflaps

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[International patent acquirer]
AirFlap is Helmet Easy to install Patented Anti-Fog (Anti-fogging) It is a product.
Increase ventilation in Goggles and Helmet, prevent overheating and cloudiness of Goggles, improve Goggles' original performance.
By using AirFlap, you can secure both safety and comfort.

[Major features]
· Toggle support for Tear-off Film
· By installing AirFlap, you do not need to remove Goggles when removing/removing Helmet.In addition, it will not run without removing Goggles due to cloudiness, so you can prevent heavy injuries of your eyes.
- It reduces the pressure of Goggles by high-speed driving and provides comfortable driving.
· It solves the problem of Goggles waiting for start to cloud.
· If you close AirFlap, you can secure the original goggles airtightness.
· Because it is Mount type, it is possible to detach only Flap.
· Because it is lightweight design, it does not give fatigue of Rider.


*The Japanese instruction manual is not included because it is an imported product.