【SSK】Aluminum Billet Adjustment Lever Set 3D Short

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Applicable Models:

YZF-R6 2005-2016
YZF-R1 2004-2008
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Lever Body Color: Black
Product Contents: Brake Lever/Clutch Lever Set
Material: High Strength Aluminum Alloy 6061
Lever Length: (Approximately) 142mm See More

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Lever Body Color: Black
Product Contents: Brake Lever/Clutch Lever Set
Material: High Strength Aluminum Alloy 6061
Lever Length: (Approximately) 142mm


By applying Anodized Treatment to Lever Body which precisely machined Gold Material 6061 with high strength Aluminum, it gave a sense of quality and realized high precision.
OEM Master Cylinder, Clutch lever holder.
Reduce the force required for operation with easy-to-grasp shape.
Adjuster in 6 stages allows adjustment to the maximum Large about 28mm, you can set it to your favorite Lever position so even a small woman in hand can secure comfortable operability.
Lever The anti-slip groove processing is applied to the front part to increase the safety of operation.
Les Bar End part has Slit processing which miss wind pressure.
*Adjuster (Adjustment knob) You can choose from seven colors in the photo.
Since we will bundle the Repair Parts List when shipping items, we can also sell parts by parts in case of damage or sunburn etc.


*There are cases that it uses parts with OEM lever depending on the mounting vehicle.
*Please make sure that there is no abnormality after replacing the lever.
*There are cases that the color of the product on the photo and the actual are slightly different for reasons such as the environment of the monitor.
*There are cases that this product is subjected to change the price and specification without prior notice.
*It contains other color in the photo.

Applicable Models

    • YZF-R6 2005-2016
    • YZF-R1 2004-2008


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