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•Motorcycle Helmet
•Akira Yanagawa Replica Camouflage Dell
[Color] TC-4 Green/Black
Structure: AIM+ (Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Multi-Fiber)
Standard: JIS Standard, SNELL Standard, MFJ Certified
[Included Parts]
Exclusive Cloth Bag
Breath Guard J
Chin Curtain D
Silicon Oil
X-14 Lower Air Spoiler
Sticker for Shield (No.11 Sticker)
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•Motorcycle Helmet
•Akira Yanagawa Replica Camouflage Dell
[Color] TC-4 Green/Black
Structure: AIM+ (Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Multi-Fiber)
Standard: JIS Standard, SNELL Standard, MFJ Certified
[Included Parts]
Exclusive Cloth Bag
Breath Guard J
Chin Curtain D
Silicon Oil
X-14 Lower Air Spoiler
Sticker for Shield (No.11 Sticker)


[360° VIEW]

Born from Racing

SHOEI's RACINGFull face, which has been trained with the highest peak Road race represented by MotoGP "X-Series".
Along with high safety, we introduce cutting edge Know - how obtained from Top category 's RaceSupport without exception, Shell, Shield, interior decoration, Aero Device, renewing them all.
RACINGFull face, X-Fourteen for winning in Race, in the form of REAL RACING SPEC, will start the world's circuit.
Main Performance
■ Sai Tray System
System which introduces the air blown up inside the shield into the inside of the Eye Port from the upper end.
It is effective for the rectification effect inside the shield, removal and prevention of fogging.

■ Air stabilizer
Helmet Attach to the occipital region, prepare the flow of the wind in the rear.
It also has an Air outlet effect.

■ Lower Air Spoiler
Spoiler to wear on the chimber part.
It is effective for improvement of aerodynamic performance, prevention of entrainment wind, prevention of wind noise.

■ Side air outlet
Ventilation equipped on both SIDE of Helmet.
The air taken in Helmet is strongly discharged from the SIDEOutlet to the outside.
Cooperate with the wind guidance performance of High level Air Intake, demonstrate high Ventilation effect.

■ TeakBent
Direct wind blowing to Teak Pad section.
Suppresses heat inside the Urethane.

■ QR-E
Shield system corresponding to CWR - 1, CWR - FShield.
Shield opens and closes with Double action, and it shows high tightness when fully closed.
Adjustment Dial allows fine adjustment of Shield.

■ Air Tight Sea Ring
Mad Rubber with Curl shape.
Excellent adhesion and durability, to prevent the entry of wind and water from the gap.

■ 3D Full SupportInner IV
Designed three-dimensional molded pad according to the shape of the head more.
It creates a wrapped feeling of Fit and reliable Hold performance.

■ Interior full desorption
It is possible to remove laundry and fine adjustment of Size by removing all the interior.
EmergencyConcept * correspondence.
* Emergency Concept:In case you encounter Rider by accident, it means that it is a detachable interior that allows a third party to easily detach part of the interior and take off the Helmet without applying a large force on the neck In. E. Q. R. S. Teab Pad is equipped with Tab etc. to make this System even easier.

■ Divided Center pad
Each Pad of Center pad can be exchanged independently.
By changing the thickness of each Pad, finer interior adjustment is possible.

■ Ear Pad
Removable Pad worn on Year Space.
The ears Space can be adjusted according to your preference.

By easily removing Teak Pad, it is possible to easily remove Helmet while minimizing the burden on the neck with a high possibility of injury to the smallest limit.

■ Racing position
The covering angle of the interior can be adjusted according to the riding position.

■ Aeroforme
Designed with emphasis on Aerodynamics, Shell integrated Aeroforme.

Lightweight MODEL
Using a multi-layered structure of several advanced Materials and Fiberglass, we used a cap that realized a light but high rigidity.

■ AIM + (Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Multi-Fiber)
Plus high performance organic fiber Material with strong elasticity based on composite laminated structure of tough Glass fiber and organic fiber made into 3 dimensional shape.
A high-performance Shell structure that is lightweight but excellent in rigid elasticity.

Water absorbing fast drying fiber
Adopt special fiber born from state-of-the-art technology.
With amazing moisture absorbing performance, it absorbs sweat and water vapor on the fiber surface quickly, and it quickly releases moisture by Ventilation effect.

High performance organic fiber with high elastic performance based on a composite laminated structure of strong glass fiber and organic fiber made into three dimensional shape Plus, a high performance Shell structure excellent in rigid elasticity despite lightweight.
Major features
Science Racing position and refine aerodynamic performance during high speed driving
X - Fourteen, which developed with emphasis on circuit youth, set the riding position which the rider had tilted forward strongly to the base position, and in that position the running wind flowing from the front of the helmet to the back of the head and back of the racing suit was tested for wind tunnel Scientifically analyzed and completed the design of the shell Edge & shape on the surface of the shell, rear stabilizer with interchangeable rear flap according to condition, lower air spoiler enhance aerodynamic characteristics As a result of comparing wind tunnel experiments, we achieved the numerical values ​​of lift:-3%, drug:-10%, yawing:-50% compared with the past (Internal reference value) Significantly improved aerodynamic performance greatly contributes to reducing rider fatigue.
In the wind tunnel experiment exceeding 200 km/h, Marc Marquez participated and the development was advanced.
■ X-Fourteen aerodynamic performance
Numerical values ​​are compared with X-TWELVE by wind tunnel experiment (Internal reference value) The Lift which is about to rise upward is -3%, the Drag pushed from the front is -10%, and the Yawing in the rotation direction which causes Helmet to swing during high speed running is reduced by -50%.
* Comparison of reference values ​​measured at our Large wind tunnel experiment facility

RearFlapWideRearFlapNarrow (Option)
Lower Air Spoiler
Rear stabilizer which can be said as the most characteristic part of X-Fourteen As RearFlap attached to both SIDE as new function Parts, in addition to the Wide Type of Standard Equipment, which emphasizes aerodynamics in straight ahead direction, Narrow Set type as Option.By installing the detachable Lower air spoiler in the chimber part, it is possible to enhance the aerodynamic performance and to prevent the traversal of the running wind into the inside and to reduce the Wind Cutting sound, and it is also possible to use it with Chin curtain.

Shield system
CWR-FShield of quadratic surface corresponding to attachment of Tear-off Film is adopted
X-Fourteen has a newly developed quadric surface Shield "CWR-F" Newly adopted Polycarbonate-made CWR-FShield which thoroughly improved optical properties by optimizing subtle curvature and thickness according to the site is natural [Color] In addition to securing clear visibility, it improves shield rigidity and eliminates deflection and twist of Shield at high speed.Easy and reliable attachment and detachment with Combination with QR - EShield base and secures high airtightness by variable shaft Double action mechanism did.

ShieldDouble lock
The Shield lock mechanism which prevents unexpected release of the shield at the time of overturning etc. is not only engagement of Hook, but also double lock structure which holds from the outside with SlideLever, realizing a secure shield lock.
Tear-off FilmButton
Tear-off Film (Option) Tear-off FilmButton for installing eccentric type Adjuster with easy adjustment, newly developed Ratchet type with built-in Adjuster, with PINLOCK® Pin on the back, newly designed PINLOCK® EVO lens for covering a wide field of view .
Shield base
Easy and reliable attachment and detachment, and Shield system which secures high airtightness by variable shaft Double action mechanism adopt QR - E which has a system which can also make a simple fine adjustment of Shield.The protrusion designed on both ends of Shield surface The VortexGenerator in the shape is effective for alleviating aerodynamics and Wind Cutting sound.


Preventing shields from cloudy at low temperatures or during rainfall is an essential condition for comfortable riding.
X-Fourteen prevents fogging of the shield PINLOCK® EVO lens as standard equipment. PINLOCK® EVO lens covers almost all of the field of view, ensuring a comfortable visibility at every Condition with reduced cloudiness.

CWR-F PINLOCK® View of VO lens
* The picture is Image.


Adjust the "wearing angle" of the interior corresponding to the Racing position
In the super sports/racing machine where the upper body tilts forward with an upright riding posture, the angle at which the helmet is located naturally differs.To pay attention to this point, X - Fourteen decorates in two stages according to the riding position It is possible to adjust the covering angle of the cheek pad and the center pad By changing the mounting position of the cheek pad and the center pad, the wearing angle is rotated about 4 degrees forward with respect to the standard position, and as a result, the racing position However, it is effective for securing sufficient front visibility.The range of visibility that allows you to look over even the exit of the corner when you knock down the machine at a deep lean angle creates great benefits for every rider.
Providing outstanding Fit feeling to every Rider by replacing the splitable Pad
X-Fourteen adopted a new interior system that can be replaced independently, with the center pad, which is the essential part of the comfort to wear, divided into six.This system allows the front head, the back head, the temporal head, the head Each pad of the top part and neck part is made by changing the pad thickness according to the rider's head shape (option) , It has become possible to further enhance the fit.In addition, the material of the interior surface has been getting popular in the past, "HYGRA®" excellent hygroscopic quick drying is adopted as a hybrid with a nice brushed material.Teak pad Is equipped with EQRS that makes it easy to remove the helmet in case of emergency.
* "HYGRA®" is Unitika (stock) It is the product name of.

Interior adjustment example
■ Feel the tightness in the temporal part, when there is a gap in the front and rear
Change SIDE Pad to 5mm thinner than standard 9mm.
Also make the front and rear pads 13mm thick, which is thicker than the standard 9mm.
When feeling tightness before and after
Changed the front and rear Pad to 5mm thinner than the standard 9mm.
■ Ear Pad
Ear Pad is also removable, Space of the ear can be adjusted according to the taste of Rider.

Ventilation system
Ventilation that leads the driving wind actively to the inside, efficiently discharges heat and moisture, and realizes the wind
X - Fourteen 's Ventilation system is equipped with Air Intake in two places, Front and Upper, in order to demonstrate sufficient effect even in a strong forward - looking posture.
Using the negative pressure efficiently from the Outlet hole in the Top and Rear stabilizer, hot air is discharged.
Furthermore, in X-Fourteen, LowerAir Intake installed in the lower part of the Shield was separated into two lines and a new air Route was made.The upper Intake is the Defferential Gear Ro Star function which leads the running wind to the inner surface of the Shield as before, The side Intake arranges air route to Teak Pad where heat and moisture are likely to be trapped and leads the running wind.

The running wind introduced from Intake passes through the Air Route installed in the chimber and is blown directly to Urethane from the Teak Pad Reeverse side to suppress the heat inside the Rethane.
Conventional comparison with MODELX-TWELVE
In the wind tunnel experiment, the Ventilation effect is converted to Collar Graph, indicating that the temperature is decreasing as the color becomes Blue Temperature change at the time of blowing wind equivalent to 100 km/h for 30 seconds.
* Comparison of reference values ​​measured at our Large wind tunnel experiment facility


X - Fourteen 's Size setting covers 6 Size from XS to XXL with a combination of Shell of 4 Size and Shock Absorbing Liner of 5 Size to provide the best feeling for every Rider.
Shell of AIM + structure which laminated strong tough Glass fiber and organic fiber can afford the prescribed safety standards [Color] In addition to the Clear.JIS standard, it conforms to the latest SNELL standard.

EmergencyQuick release system E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick Release System)

Emergency Helmet removal system in case of emergency Accident
It is harder than imagined that a third party performing a rescue operation removes the Helmet from the Rider in the event of an emergency Accident.Of course of shock absorbing performance and comfort, this kind of emergency relief Supporting work is also one of Helmet's Large Offshore Functions.SHOEI developed EQRS. (Emergency Quick Release System) It is easy to pull the exclusive Ribbon, it is possible to easily remove the Helmet while keeping the burden on the neck possibly injured the smallest limit
* Do not use EQRS when removing Cheek pad usually for the purpose of Maintenance etc.

Pull out the red Ribbon with your fingers.

Introduction video of X-14 is here ↓ ↓


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