【2%er】Shorty 4 Helmet Ocean Beetle

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Helmet: Ivory
Chin Cup: White

Body Material: Fiber

[Product Contents]
Body x1pc.
Visor x1pc.
Chin Cup x1pc. See More

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Helmet: Ivory
Chin Cup: White

Body Material: Fiber

[Product Contents]
Body x1pc.
Visor x1pc.
Chin Cup x1pc.


BELL company made SHORTYHelmet in the 60's wearing it comfortably reprinted.

With the popularity of the Vintage helmet 's Gold tower, BELL SHORTYHelmet, Brent and Chopper, Old racer etc in recent years, STREET has become a popular MODEL with a lot of high sensitivity mainly for people with high sensitivity.
It is ReplicaMODEL which made OceanBeetle up dating up to the present age, continuing to drop the high precision Replica helmet concerning strength and lightness while faithfully reproducing the styling and atmosphere of VINTAGEShortyHelmet.

This New Model Shorty 4, the point dated up from the former Shorty III is three points, Large width Up of strength by changing Body Material to Fiber, Further pursuit of wearing comfort by interior Modify, Fit to the whole head became.
Added XSize XL from XL by adding VINTAGESizeShell.

Removable earmuff and BlackVisor are Standard Equipment.
Earmuffs that can be easily detached with Button are cool and comfortable in the summer if removed, warmly wrapped around the ear when wearing in winter.
The interior is Urethane Cushion material, so you can remove it so you can wash it.
Helmet It is possible to keep the interior clean, and changing Size is also easy by exchanging the interior.

BELL's first Half capHelmetSHORTY developed for Racer to go to Indiana 500 in 1960.
In addition to its Style and light weight received, it was also loved by women and children in public roads, as well as being adopted by POLICE, such as being adopted by the Race scene, but also widely supported all over the United States.
OceanBeetle emphasizes this BELL SHORTY on Motif for sufferability and looks, it sells the same name MODEL that Remake for a while in a small scale than the real thing for many years and it is the Hit work of the biggest Large.
BEETLE SHORTY I have repeated Minor change several times so far, but this time more Up date.
First of all, as the change of the largest Large, conventionally all Size from S to L were covered with one Shell, but from now on, existing Small swing cap (ExtraSmallShell) In addition to the SShell of BELL SHORTY, Sil Houette 's cap of the same size (VINTAGESizeShell) Newly adopted. With this, Size development up to XXL became possible.
At the same time, I changed the material to Glass fiber and gained a moderate weight with a sense of quality.
The pursuit of suffering is not stopped, and the interior also added Modify to the Large width.
By fulfilling the bee-beating structure of the head, we realized a feeling of fit like wrapping the whole head.
The genuine Leather Ear Pad & Exhaust System with a high design quality has been inherited from MODEL as it is.
BEETLE SHORTY became possible to choose according to the physique of the person who wears, not just Small.
It can be said that it is the royal road of Half cap which suits Chopper, Bobber, Stock Style.

[About the sense of size of BEETLE HELMET]
S Size:Head circumference up to 54 cm
M Size:head circumference 54 to 58 cm
L Size:Head circumference from 58 to 62 cm
Size XL:head circumference from 60 to 62 cm
XSize XL:head circumference from 62 to 64 cm
The head circumference is the value measured to turn around the eyebrow, turning backward from the highest position of the forehead horizontally, and going through the highest position of the back of the head.


*Please refrain from using on public roads because it is a decorative helmet.
*There are cases that it may be slightly different in texture and actual color depending on the monitor and environment.