【ISA】Rear Sprocket [Driven Sprocket]

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Applicable Models:

RS125 87-
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for Rear
Chain Size: 415
Material: Duralumin (Surface Treatment: 50μm thick Hard Anodized) See More

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for Rear
Chain Size: 415
Material: Duralumin (Surface Treatment: 50μm thick Hard Anodized)


[Meets and exceeds the standard]
Sprocket is the full technology of ISA design, processing, finishing, which is good at high-precision machining,
It is a fascinating, treasureful PRO Ducks beyond the boundaries of industrial products embodying the will to make the world's best products.

Unlike other Parts, Sprocket must be faithful to a certain part while the other parts can be freely designed and manufactured.
In other words, it is a challenging Parts whose design Sense and processing technology are questioned, how much Originality can be put in the constraint.
Because it is Challenging, the Parts that ISA first made was Sprocket, it is still the most interested and continues to improve on design and manufacturing and continues to improve the quality We are already familiar with the ultimate Duralumin It is nothing but Sprocket of Cut-out.
Other features, such as shape, color, touch.
Both of these are not ordinary mechanical parts but result of satisfying the harsh standards that ISA himself imposed on Sprocket specialized for Motorcycle.
ISA recognizes the performance required for Sprocket for Motorcycle as "accuracy, strength, abrasion resistance", and adopts the highest level of processing technology, material and treatment method that can be optimally and perhaps mass produced for each , We continue to produce high quality and high performance products that overturn the common sense of common Sprocket mechanical parts.

[Proprietary manufacturing method pursuing performance]
Quantity Accuracy:Pair (for Left and Right) For machine processing to eliminate the error by continuing the process further using NC machine tool.
Ultra Duralumin and hard anodized 50 μm thick also have their own strict standards [Color] I chose the thing that I cleared.

Now it is natural to use ultra Duralumin which is lightweight and strong in strength for Sprocket's material and has high shape stability for high precision processing.
However, ISA is not satisfied with it, with the cooperation of MaterialManufacturer, it reduces the possibility of distortion by using the plate of thickness not ordinary LineUp and reducing the cutting amount.
This eliminates waste of processing time and materials, achieving both high quality and reasonable price balance.
In machining Sprocket, it is relatively easy to increase the accuracy of the size and shape of the part of the tooth in contact with Chain.
The more problematic thing is the position of Center hole and Bolt hole, hole diameter.
No matter how precise the tooth form is, if the attachment part is Gap, there is no meaning.
In OEM Parts and AfterMarket products, things that do not pay attention to this point are scattered.
If you think that Chain's play is being inspected, if you think that growth is unbalanced etc., it is a common story that in fact the eccentricity of Sprocket was the cause.
In order to solve this problem, ISA succeeded in dramatically increasing not only the accuracy of individual processed parts but also the dimensional accuracy between them, by eliminating the gap as much as possible and by continuing the process .
In addition, Small as much as possible the tolerance of Center hole and Bolt hole as much as possible, making eccentricity at wearing extremely small.
The result of such pursuit is appearing in the feeling of fit like sucking at the time of wearing.
The hard anodized thickness of 50 Micron is applied to the surface to enhance wear resistance and complement the beauty of machining.
In addition, we add vertical grooves to the bottom of the tooth for Offfor Vehicle, aiming at prevention and discharge of foreign matter.
The high quality feeling when touched will be more reliable due to the high precision found at the time of installation and the high abrasion resistance found by continuous use.
ISA believes these are "high performance" in Sprocket.


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Applicable Models

    • RS125 87-


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